Viva Las Vegas

I brought MrsL to Vegas to see one of her teen heartthrobs, Donny Osmond, for her birthday. Due to travel and mild abrasion, I have been out of the Steelheart for almost a month. When we finally got to our room at 12:30 last night (another post for another day), I waalked right in and … More Viva Las Vegas

Five Days

When MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart last Saturday it came with a very strong admonition: I had to tell her if and when I felt like I was developing any “hot spots” that could turn into an issue. Otherwise, if I was stubborn and let a hot spot get out of control she … More Five Days

Feels right

I’ve only been back in MrsL’s Steelheart four full days now. I know that travel is looming and absent a viable travel solution right now I will be out again way too soon. However, being locked up again feels so right! She is suddenly much more active teasing me. The slightest touch from her anywhere … More Feels right

Musings from the road

Reader beware.  This is not going to be an update about chastity….well not most of it anyway.  So, I will get the chastity update out of the way early and if you want to stop reading after that…that is okay. Have I mentioned how incredibly comfortable my Steelheart is after the modifications?  This past week, … More Musings from the road

Metal Detectors

Figuring out the nuances of travel through airports while locked in chastity; especially in my case, is pretty easy.  As I chronicled earlier this week, MrsL’s travel process works great for us.  As a I corporate fraud investigator for a global company, not only do I travel a lot I also deal with the law … More Metal Detectors


First, let me rant about something definitely not chastity related….today’s modern bus station…oh I mean airport.  Flying on a Monday as a business traveler is crazy enough. I mean being out there with the thousands upon thousands of business people is bad enough some with their holier than thou smugness, some that despite flying every … More Travel….