Locked Again

MrsL was in a decidedly horny mood when she came to bed last night. I’ve been unlocked since our Saturday morning play time. This may seem like plagiarism but I think she has evolved to MrsL 2.0 over the past few weeks, more on that later. So last night she was horny pouncing on me … More Locked Again

Morning Play

There is nothing quite so glorious as morning sex! As we snuggled in bed this morning after watching all 18 innings of Game 3 of the World Series, MrsL was curled up on my chest playing with my chest hair (which if I had my way would be waxed away but she likes it) when … More Morning Play

Sexy South America

Damn!!! One of the guys I had to conduct a fact finding interview on today rocked my libido! He is a Venezuelan working in Chile and I had to stop looking at him for fear of doing somethkng stupid. First, of course, was the accent. Just listening to him answer my questions and explain what … More Sexy South America

Journal Surprise

MrsL and I maintain a journal on her laptop.  The journal is for each of us to write about any number of things; specifically, our kink lifestyle.  We use it as a way to initiate a conversation on a new topic, hammer out details on something that is obviously causing stress, or for me to … More Journal Surprise

Spoken Fantasies 

Last night, after attending a bowling fundraiser for a local family, MrsL and I were relaxing watching some DVR’d television. One show we both enjoy is Suits. I didn’t start out liking the show but it has grown on me.  When Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane, made her first appearance for this episode I … More Spoken Fantasies 

A little story telling

Okay, some of the folks who visit me here come over from Chastity Forums and have probably already seen my first 3 entries titled Chastity Anniversary Surprise I, II, and III over on Chastity Forums.  If you havent,  and you enjoy a good chastity story please check them out.  I have always enjoyed writing, especially fantasy fiction, … More A little story telling


This morning, MrsL left early to get our son to his college classes then to the convention center to set up for her event this weekend.  I got up and loaded the car for her while she showered.  As I was walking out to the garage I noticed she had several parcels that obviously need … More BCWYWF

If you can….

MrsL was exhausted last night after having to get everything set up for the opening of the big sales show she is at this weekend.  She took a little nap when she got home as I finished my work and then we went shopping.  We discussed how long it was going to take us and … More If you can….