Quickie Update

Back in MrsL’s Steelheart ūüėÄ! Had a fantastic conversation when I got home Thursday afternoon resulting in being locked up yesterday morning after a night of pure unfettered sexual joy for her and I both. I don’t think I have ever maintained an erection for as long as I did, unaided by anything, Thursday night. … More Quickie Update

Glad to be home

Well the trip home was ever bit as frustrating and stressful as I thought it would be…and then some. I am so glad to be back home. The only thing that kept me from absolutely losing my mind was MrsL’s constant and ever so discreet teasing me with her plans for me on NYE. Oh … More Glad to be home

Ready to be home

Just got off of a wifi call, I love technology, with MrsL.  In just over 27 hours I will be back at home with my wonderfully awesome, beautiful, cuvacious, and sexy Wife/KH!!!  I can’t wait.   Even though I suspect that in 27.5 hours I will be securly locked in her Steelheart, which really does … More Ready to be home