Catching Up

Life has been crazy.  It’s not that there haven’t been some incredibly fun and sexy things to write about…it’s just life has been crazy. Our anniversary trip to Maui was fun, exciting, and full of all sorts of sexual energy.  I don’t have ample time to write about it now (more on that in a … More Catching Up

Am I A Job

In a recent comment on my last post, Longing for Locktober, Carly Quinn opined: … This post really has me pondering something I worry about. What happens if he becomes a job? What if this turns into something I have to do, not something that is fun to do? What if he needs more and … More Am I A Job

An Update on…

It has been awhile since I penned, okay typed, a full blown update on 26 and his recovery. This morning seems like a really good time for such an update since he is crossing a major threshold. If you haven’t been on here before let me give a brief synopsis.  My oldest son, 26, struggled with … More An Update on…

Update on 25

We had a really great visit with 25 on Sunday.  He looks great and all of the other men there in the program were very complimentary of him and what he had “brought to the group.”   I was amazed at the width and breadth of these men.  More on that a few lines down. … More Update on 25

Merry Christmas

Regardless of their ages, there is nothing like Christmas with your kids!  Some day, it will be great when there are grandchildren running around! 😀😀 Of course this year is also special in a new and exciting way and that makes it even more special! MrsL reminded me last night that I won’t be getting … More Merry Christmas