LOCKtober started

As I have written about here many times, MrsL prefers more of a Devotional Sex (make sure you have a great malware software when visiting that site…it is not secure) lifestyle for us.  Her sexual awakening comes with an absolute love for playing with the penis.  Most of the time, she would rather not be bothered … More LOCKtober started

Valentine’s Day Play

While I am still writing and cleaning up the anniversary post I wanted to drop a quick post on the events of the past 24 hours.  Here’s a bit of a tease…imagine that.  MrsL experienced many orgasms over the weekend.  Yours truly…well…there was at least one orgasm…. Our downstairs is completely wrecked.  Except for the … More Valentine’s Day Play

That look

There was a brief window yesterday afternoon for full on CFNM glory around the house when I got back from visiting one of our factories about 2 hours away.  It resulted in a new level of confidence and teasing in MrsL…producing an absolutely fantastic and empowering look from her! So, the day started early for … More That look

The Trend Continues

MrsL continues has come to bed the past three nights with lust in her eyes and a plan.  I am so glad my body is finally ready to match her desires. I guess I was truly exhausted last night because I didn’t wake up when she climbed in bed.  What got my attention…her lightly stroking … More The Trend Continues

7 1/2 days

After nearly two and a half months of no chastity device I was finally ordered back in the Steelheart last Thursday. It was truly blissful to be locked up by MrsL when I got home that morning after being teased and denied.  The past week flew by with the exception of those pesky 3 am … More 7 1/2 days

Crazy  sexy week

MrsL has been extremely horny since I got back.  I am still unlocked and even though she is getting many more orgasms than me she has been gracious enough to allow me 3 orgasms.  Last night, she decided to tease me and had me edge myself inside her.   She started by sending me upstairs … More Crazy  sexy week

The decision…

Work has finally slowed down enough to update things.   I went in to wake up MrsL and after a little light touch massage for her she rolled over, pulled me in for a kiss and reached under my shorts and started stroking my rapidly growing cock.  She purred as she let one hand alternate … More The decision…