Morning Play

There is nothing quite so glorious as morning sex! As we snuggled in bed this morning after watching all 18 innings of Game 3 of the World Series, MrsL was curled up on my chest playing with my chest hair (which if I had my way would be waxed away but she likes it) when … More Morning Play

A Flash of Kink

Last night, MrsL teased me until I was begging her to stop. It was maddening yet rewarding at the same time. This morning when I woke her up we kissed a few minutes then she took a handful of hair and planted my mouth on her mound, told me to stick or my tongue, then … More A Flash of Kink

A Little Reward

Sunday was fabulous!  We haven’t had that much fun in weeks. MrsL has been sleeping in our guest room the past few weeks.  My snoring has gotten out of control so she tries going to bed with me before inevitably escaping to the guest room.  I have done the sleep study and have a CPAP … More A Little Reward

New toys

I could not have been more excited yesterday.  MrsL and I discussed ordering a new plug several weeks back and with everything going on it had slipped my mind.  Monday morning while the house was quiet I ordered this and an Aneros.  They actually both arrived yesterday.  I am saving the Aneros as a gift … More New toys


Today is MrsL’s mani/pedi day.  She started this process back in February before she and her Mom, Dad, & sisters went on a family cruise (minus the husbands and kids).  That was the spark that really reignited my foot fetish. Just before she left she came upstairs to my office with a wry smile on … More Mani/Pedi