Five Days

When MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart last Saturday it came with a very strong admonition: I had to tell her if and when I felt like I was developing any “hot spots” that could turn into an issue. Otherwise, if I was stubborn and let a hot spot get out of control she … More Five Days

A New Dynamic

After nearly of week back in the Steelheart I have once again been on a “breakaway” (just finished watching the Tour de France and remembered my cycling reference) this week.  Even though I have spoken often of living a “devotional sex” lifestyle I had never really been to their website…much less…asked MrsL to visit the … More A New Dynamic

Holiday breakaway 

Even though we don’t leave to go see family for another 36 hours, MrsL has been gracious enough to let my holiday breakaway start early. As I was heading up to bed she followed me and unlocked the Steelheart and told me to leave it off!!!  Not to worry, though. She reaffirmed there were not … More Holiday breakaway 

On a “breakaway”

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to check my testosterone levels.  MrsL is still not comfortable with me going to any appointment wearing the Steelheart so when she finally came to bed last night (well this morning around 2:30 am…she is a night owl) she unlocked me for my  appointment.  She took full advantage … More On a “breakaway”

A need for privacy

PCGuy, over on Thrill of the Chaste, recently wrote about jury duty and passing through metal detectors.  At the time, I commented that I had a trip scheduled for today to one of our facilities that requires everyone to pass through metal detectors and how I was going to not tell MrsL and just stay … More A need for privacy

The breakaway…

If you watch cycling at all  you know that a breakaway is one or more riders “breaking free” from the main group, commonly called the peleton.  Well, MrsL let me have my own breakaway this week by allowing me out of the Steelheart and leaving it at home….4 hours away. We are in a nice … More The breakaway…