I have been on an emotional roller coaster the past few days. It has been truly a struggle to get past these feelings of jealousy, anger, and pettiness. This morning, after waking up twice during the night stroking my hard cock and finally waking up sick, I knew I needed to be locked in MrsL’s … More Moody

Sexy South America

Damn!!! One of the guys I had to conduct a fact finding interview on today rocked my libido! He is a Venezuelan working in Chile and I had to stop looking at him for fear of doing somethkng stupid. First, of course, was the accent. Just listening to him answer my questions and explain what … More Sexy South America

Twitter & Tumblr

I know…I’m at work and shouldn’t be on Twitter or Tumblr. But damn! Today’s theme must be bisexual urges day because there are some really awesome tweets and posts. MrsL teased me relentlessly last night so I am horny as abdowntown Manhattan street full of cabs! Take a deep breath and put down the phone…ūüėÄ


I received quite a few very supportive and helpful comments on here and through Twitter DM after yesterday’s post. Thanks to everyone. I am good! MrsL and I are great after a chat last night. Yes, I’m still in her Steelheart because we both agreed I needed to stay locked up. Quite frankly, by the … More Thanks

I’m Back…

Wow, has it really been a month since I last wrote on my blog.¬† I feel like I’ve neglected it and my readers and I apologize.¬† With being made to move into an actual office and having 22 back at home, it has been incredibly difficult to find time to write.¬† I’ll just have to … More I’m Back…

Spoken Fantasies 

Last night, after attending a bowling fundraiser for a local family, MrsL and I were relaxing watching some DVR’d television. One show we both enjoy is Suits. I didn’t start out liking the show but it has grown on me.  When Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane, made her first appearance for this episode I … More Spoken Fantasies¬†

Just Writing

Okay, fair warning….I am just a little drunk right now.¬† Had a great day at work that finished early enough for happy hour at the hotel bar.¬† I drank a full bottle of Merlot and although I need to be doing more prep for my investigation tomorrow I am sitting here looking at Tumblr and … More Just Writing

His Admission

With MrsL out of town I have a little time to write.  I hope you enjoy. Lying in bed together their naked bodies, except for his Steelheart,  intertwined was always a comforting and warm place for him.  He had long ago surrendered control of his orgasms to his wife.  She had timidly agreed at first but … More His Admission

Catching Up

With all of the craziness in our life’s the past month or so it had been difficult to write about anything other than the addiction / rehab / recovery going on in our lives. However, the kinky side of MrsL and me has kept right on through out. A couple of recent post have spurred … More Catching Up