Call Me Biased

Yes, you can say I am biased and I really wouldn’t care because as far as I am concerned, this is the most perfect ass! This was my view this morning as I got dressed. She was peacefully sleeping after a great day with her family. I was so excited seeing her happy when she … More Call Me Biased


The past thirty six hours have been interesting and comforting.  They have also given me some insight in to why MrsL waited for so long before ordering me back in her Steelheart.  I guess you could say that she and I have both been getting reacquainted with the ebb and flow of a Wife Led … More Reacquainted


No salacious accounts of MrsL and I from last night…sorry.  This is a simple post to explain how the simple things are, usually, always the best. MrsL had a very busy day yesterday.  When our day finally ended on the couch, I helped her take off her boots and massaged her feet while we watched … More Simplicity