Morning Play

There is nothing quite so glorious as morning sex! As we snuggled in bed this morning after watching all 18 innings of Game 3 of the World Series, MrsL was curled up on my chest playing with my chest hair (which if I had my way would be waxed away but she likes it) when … More Morning Play

Out of the trap

For those of you keeping score, and you know who you are, MrsL didn’t make it the full 48 hours. Saturday morning was brilliant. She, again, ventured into new and exciting territory when I woke her up by fondling and stroking me for a few minutes all the while refusing to let me kiss her. … More Out of the trap

A Flash of Kink

Last night, MrsL teased me until I was begging her to stop. It was maddening yet rewarding at the same time. This morning when I woke her up we kissed a few minutes then she took a handful of hair and planted my mouth on her mound, told me to stick or my tongue, then … More A Flash of Kink

Dinner plans

It was late Thursday night, early Friday morning, and MrsL and I had both just returned home. I had been at my company’s video conference site for over 3 hours and MrsL had been at a neighbor’s house (family friend – single Mom whose son and our youngest went to school together so we have … More Dinner plans


This morning, MrsL left early to get our son to his college classes then to the convention center to set up for her event this weekend.  I got up and loaded the car for her while she showered.  As I was walking out to the garage I noticed she had several parcels that obviously need … More BCWYWF