Mid afternoon break

I love working at home.  I love that MrsL runs her own business and works from home as well.  This little arrangement allows for ample opportunity to have some fun when the mood strikes…and it did just that when I went downstairs at 1:30. MrsL was working on the sofa as I was walking back … More Mid afternoon break


Today is MrsL’s mani/pedi day.  She started this process back in February before she and her Mom, Dad, & sisters went on a family cruise (minus the husbands and kids).  That was the spark that really reignited my foot fetish. Just before she left she came upstairs to my office with a wry smile on … More Mani/Pedi

Musings from the road

Reader beware.  This is not going to be an update about chastity….well not most of it anyway.  So, I will get the chastity update out of the way early and if you want to stop reading after that…that is okay. Have I mentioned how incredibly comfortable my Steelheart is after the modifications?  This past week, … More Musings from the road

Wiggling her toes….the anatomy of a fetish

Dictionary.com has three definitions for fetish.  I of course am partial to the third one:  “any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.”   Anyone guess where this post is going? I don’t know what it is about feet; especially MrsL’s feet, that drive me crazy.  The … More Wiggling her toes….the anatomy of a fetish