93 Days

Holy Cow!  I would have never guessed or dreamed MrsL would push the limits of control over my orgasms to this level.  She DID and the 93rd day ended spectacularly! The entire time I was down in Brazil, MrsL kept sending me sexy little SnapChat messages: her laying in bed naked, her nipple peaking out … More 93 Days


After completing yesterday’s post I went back upstairs and crawled back in bed beside a still sleeping MrsL.  There is nothing more erotic and and alluring than watching my awesome wife laying there naked asleep.  Before snuggling up beside her I let my eyes take in the deliciousness of every curve on her body.  MrsL … More Again…

Now I Remember 

The past 3.5 days have been sexually frustrating bliss with this morning being the best. I’ve already chronicled the morning MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart. Friday morning I woke up early and gave her an extra hour of sleep before gently waking her up with a massage that lead to her putting me … More Now I Remember 


I have written a few times about how incredibly simple and erotic touch can be between MrsL and me.  A couple of those posts are HERE and HERE. The story of touch has continued this past week in a manner I never thought it would .  It is absolutely deliciously simple and sexy as hell. Over … More Touch