Great Pair of Jeans

Sitting at the local tire store getting a leak plugged gave me some time to people watch, which is one of my favorite things to do when out and about. People watching usually provides ample opportunities to fantasize which always ignites my bisexual side. I’ve written about my bisexual urges many times before. As of … More Great Pair of Jeans

The ED Issue

I am currently sitting in the neighbor’s house dog sitting.  We started this lovely practice of trading dog sitting when ours were still with us.  While I enjoy having the interaction with their dog…it is not the same.  Not to mention, he is an aging French Bulldog and has the energy of an octogenarian. I … More The ED Issue


So what does one do when his wonderful Wife is out of town, he is unlocked from business travel, and finds himself very horny stroking himself?  I don’t know about anyone else but I realized what was happening and grabbed a bag full of ice to calm things down. I got out the Steelheart and … More Tempted