That look

There was a brief window yesterday afternoon for full on CFNM glory around the house when I got back from visiting one of our factories about 2 hours away.  It resulted in a new level of confidence and teasing in MrsL…producing an absolutely fantastic and empowering look from her! So, the day started early for … More That look

Magical Evening

I have a “travel” post in my draft folder and will get it posted in the next day or so.  I would much rather write about the magical evening MrsL and I had last night.  It was almost worthy of a Disney movie…well maybe an X rated Disney movie if those things exist. After 24 … More Magical Evening

More reminders

I am so glad me and MrsL talked things through Friday during our drive to and from 21’s school.  Yesterday was a brilliant day, even with 21 here, and last night was a staggering reminder of who is in control. Sunday mornings around here are rather slow moving lazy affairs for all.  On most Sundays, … More More reminders

Locked & Happy

Early this morning, MrsL woke up horny and well kind of in Keyholder mode. After edging me a dozen times with hands, feet, tongue, and teeth (biting my nipples sends me right to the edge…especially with just how strong she bites) she ordered me to go put on her Steelheart! After being locked in, I … More Locked & Happy

7 1/2 days

After nearly two and a half months of no chastity device I was finally ordered back in the Steelheart last Thursday. It was truly blissful to be locked up by MrsL when I got home that morning after being teased and denied.  The past week flew by with the exception of those pesky 3 am … More 7 1/2 days