The Lair…Part I

Tick…..Tick….Tick…. Slowly, I blink my eyes trying to focus on the ticking sound coming from somewhere in the room.  I go to move my hand to my face and am instantly jolted to a stark reality. I frantically look down to find I am strapped to the wall several feet off of the ground!  My … More The Lair…Part I

Catching Up

Life around the casa has been a whole lot of mundane recently.  The shoulder rehab is progressing and the kink is on hold as we have 21 home from school. I do have a little sexy to report.  As I noted in my last post and on my Twitter, MrsL has been taking full advantage … More Catching Up

A fun weekend…

I am not real sure what MrsL has planned for this weekend but I am both excited and a bit leery.  As I commented on Twitter yesterday she had me wear a butt plug for as long as I could. I was able to go a full 3 hours with her larger silicone plug. Honestly, … More A fun weekend…

Do you trust me

This past weekend has been one of profound teasing bliss hidden within a visit from the sister-in-law I can only take about 30 minutes of before I am ready to go postal (not to worry I made it through as she was only here for about 18 hours) that ended with the most incredible orgasm … More Do you trust me

Life goes on

It has been a really long 24 hours around here.  We have come to the realization that our son is going to need a residential treatment program for his addiction & depression issues.   He went to a residential program back in 2012 but did so begrudgingly and has since told me he was able … More Life goes on