Two for Two

Talk about a monster tease!  Yesterday was just that and I am very much dopamine challenged.  It has rolled over into today in a frustrating sort of way. As I was going back upstairs to wake up MrsL I was surprised to find her already climbing out of bed.  She said she had been laying … More Two for Two

Rug Burns

MrsL and I are getting ready for the next phase of our flooring project today.  The carpet in our family room is being replaced tomorrow so we are busy taking all of the stuff out of the curios, out of the tables, etc.  The install crew will be moving the furniture.  As is usual, it … More Rug Burns

What A Weekend

So, after numerous drafts of 2,000 plus words that always felt overbearing and I didn’t even like reading them myself I’ve decided to take a minimalist approach. Friday night MrsL wanted to try out the new ED medicine.  I’ll just say this:  she teased and edged me what seemed like forever.  I was so damn … More What A Weekend

New Year…

My apologies as I have not had the time or the clarity to really sit down and write.  From having our youngest son home for over a month with his girlfriend coming and going all the time to the shoulder surgery; there has not been much of anything from a kinky point of few happening.  … More New Year…

Catching Up

Life around the casa has been a whole lot of mundane recently.  The shoulder rehab is progressing and the kink is on hold as we have 21 home from school. I do have a little sexy to report.  As I noted in my last post and on my Twitter, MrsL has been taking full advantage … More Catching Up

Rise of the…

Just a quick note: this morning after letting MrsL sleep in while I played Xbox and while 21 was still asleep (spring break and we can’t pay him to go to Florida…) things happened! Even though I am still troubled by the “non performance events”of the past couple of weeks it was incredibly relieving when … More Rise of the…

The Trend Continues….

Well, for all of my fellow chaste men out there I hope your release from your LOCKtober experience ended.  MrsL continues to leave me on this extended breakaway from the Steelheart.  She continually drops little hints that my freedom will be coming to an end soon…probably as soon as this investigation in Baltimore ends and I … More The Trend Continues….