Private Masseuse 

We’ve been talking about one of these for months. I checked out letgo when I got home Thursday and found this gem. Just received MrsL’s text that she is in the car and will be dropped off first! Hope she enjoys what I have planned: dark room, soft candles, massage music from Itunes, and a … More Private Masseuse 

Shoulder issues

This is not going to be a sexy post.  Stay tuned as MrsL is getting home Sunday and I am planning quite the welcome home for her.  This is one of those boring medical post about the ongoing issues with my shoulder. I have dealt with right shoulder pain since 1986 when as a strapping … More Shoulder issues

Talking it out

Even with all of the fun, teasing, and being back in the Steelheart, this past week has been really tough.  Tough physically. Tough mentally. And yes, tough emotionally for both MrsL and me. It all began Monday night after MrsL ordered me back in the Steelheart.  I was happy but I could sense she wasn’t.  … More Talking it out

Crazy Week

It has been a long crazy week and the weekend will be way too short! The week started with MrsL letting me out of the Steelheart late Sunday night because I had an early morning appointment with my urologist.  Good news there…PSA level back down to normal but still have BPH.  Good news from that…now … More Crazy Week

Everything is good

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I am still here. MrsL still is leaving me unlocked and we have discussed the concept of Devotional Sex as I have gone over two years without masturbating. Don’t get me wrong, I still CRAVE the feeling of being in the Steelheart and want to buy a … More Everything is good

Useless Ramblings

This post is going to bounce around like a gleeful child on their new trampoline. Fair warning! I’m back out on the road sans any chastity device.  I think MrsL is sensing my utter disappointment with the whole performance issue. Not being able to satisfy her desire to have a fully erect penis buried deep … More Useless Ramblings

Update #2

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was frustrated right now.  A kind of frustration no one ever wants to experience…not knowing what is going on with my body! Even though the chest pains have subsided, the asthma/bronchitis/breathing issues are still lingering.  To add insult to injury I have attracted a head cold … More Update #2

A simple verse

At the recommendation of the folks from 25’s residential facility, MrsL and I have both been going to Nar Anon Family Group sessions.  I must admit I went with some hesitation because, well, I am a stubborn mule headed guy and didn’t think it would be beneficial.  Boy, have I discovered just how wrong I … More A simple verse

Welcome home

Coming home yesterday was well worth it! As I walked in the door, MrsL in tight sweater, jeans, and her boots confidently strode up to me in the kitchen grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for a long deep kiss.  Her free hand slid down my body to find my rapidly … More Welcome home