Insertable Toys

MrsL came to bed last night and went into this story about a movie she had watched this week. No it was not porn but close. I didn’t ask the name of the movie but really dint care. Apparently, the young couple were exploring a little “R” rated kink as the woman had purchased one … More Insertable Toys

Humbled *NSFW*

After a week of travel and visits from both boys, we had some alone time yesterday and today.  21 didn’t leave until noon and then MrsL and I ran errands and went to a friend’s “open house” for her business.  My first real asthma attack happened at this friend’s house.  It is so damn frustrating … More Humbled *NSFW*

Back at Home 

Today was a long day. Plenty of people watching and stories to tell about the Toronto airport.  More on that tomorrow! Anyway, I’m back at home and things are back to normal…

Safe & Secure Travel

I’m glad to be back out on the road. I was really getting stir crazy between 2.5 weeks of vacation then a week of medical issues. However, the one notable difference… Travel chastity! The EvotionWearables cage is comfortable and fitted fantastically. The final tweak, which took nearly 2 months due to a minor flaw in … More Safe & Secure Travel

Locked & Happy

Early this morning, MrsL woke up horny and well kind of in Keyholder mode. After edging me a dozen times with hands, feet, tongue, and teeth (biting my nipples sends me right to the edge…especially with just how strong she bites) she ordered me to go put on her Steelheart! After being locked in, I … More Locked & Happy

Kink Test

Thanks to The Vanilla Queen for writing about kinks.  I have known about my kinks for awhile but never really took the time to “test” them.  There is a link on her post for a test which I found rather interesting. I took the test and have posted my results at the link below.  I … More Kink Test