Five Days

When MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart last Saturday it came with a very strong admonition: I had to tell her if and when I felt like I was developing any “hot spots” that could turn into an issue. Otherwise, if I was stubborn and let a hot spot get out of control she … More Five Days

Lessons in Chastity 

After several weeks of “devotional sex”, MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart Saturday.  I was excited but she seems a bit melancholy about it for some reason. Maybe I was overreacting? I had been really moody and grumpy all day Friday. Our downstairs AC is out and the locally owned HVAC guy MrsL wanted … More Lessons in Chastity 

Off limits

Usually, the phrase off limits applies to MrsL. Today it applies to me! MrsL came to bed early this morning after sitting up and talking with 26 and his girlfriend most of the night and was very horny! Since I was unlocked I knew there would be some fun things happening…and sure enough…MrsL let a … More Off limits

7 1/2 days

After nearly two and a half months of no chastity device I was finally ordered back in the Steelheart last Thursday. It was truly blissful to be locked up by MrsL when I got home that morning after being teased and denied.  The past week flew by with the exception of those pesky 3 am … More 7 1/2 days