I received quite a few very supportive and helpful comments on here and through Twitter DM after yesterday’s post. Thanks to everyone. I am good! MrsL and I are great after a chat last night. Yes, I’m still in her Steelheart because we both agreed I needed to stay locked up. Quite frankly, by the … More Thanks

Lessons in Chastity 

After several weeks of “devotional sex”, MrsL ordered me back in her Steelheart Saturday.  I was excited but she seems a bit melancholy about it for some reason. Maybe I was overreacting? I had been really moody and grumpy all day Friday. Our downstairs AC is out and the locally owned HVAC guy MrsL wanted … More Lessons in Chastity 

Just Writing

Okay, fair warning….I am just a little drunk right now.  Had a great day at work that finished early enough for happy hour at the hotel bar.  I drank a full bottle of Merlot and although I need to be doing more prep for my investigation tomorrow I am sitting here looking at Tumblr and … More Just Writing

The Ragged Edge

Being willing to give up control of my sexual gratification to my wonderful MrsL as well as being disciplined enough to not masturbate when she leaves me out of the Steelheart for extended periods of time is rewarding…in an unusual way.  I mean, if all things were equal I would prefer to have my time … More The Ragged Edge


Dreams! What do they mean?  I have had the nearly same dream now 4 of the last 7 nights and it has me chasing its meaning, if there really is one. While it is not salacious it is erotic because it involves MrsL showing me off to a select group of family and friends. While … More Dreams

Unlocked and Horny

I have been unlocked since Monday.  I had a video conference Monday requiring me to enter the metal detector protected facility and then had to travel up to the Windy City on Wednesday so MrsL was gracious enough to leave me unlocked for the week.  It now seems as if I will be unlocked for … More Unlocked and Horny