More reminders

I am so glad me and MrsL talked things through Friday during our drive to and from 21’s school.  Yesterday was a brilliant day, even with 21 here, and last night was a staggering reminder of who is in control. Sunday mornings around here are rather slow moving lazy affairs for all.  On most Sundays, … More More reminders

Weekend Visitor…

What started out as a promising weekend came to a somewhat whimpering end at 3:30 with one single text:  “We are not alone this weekend…” MrsL had to get up and take 26 back to his apartment; ultimately, to work yesterday morning.  When she left it was overcast and raining.  By about 10 a.m., the … More Weekend Visitor…

The Trend Continues….

Well, for all of my fellow chaste men out there I hope your release from your LOCKtober experience ended.  MrsL continues to leave me on this extended breakaway from the Steelheart.  She continually drops little hints that my freedom will be coming to an end soon…probably as soon as this investigation in Baltimore ends and I … More The Trend Continues….

New horizons

(NOTE: I realized after reading through this I didn’t set the stage for why MrsL made the comment about how much control outside the bedroom she would take. I revived our personal journal before I left this week and made a suggestion that we expand her control…start moving toward a FLM/WLM. Hope this helps) With … More New horizons