I thought I would break down and do a post responding to questions from readers.  There are some good questions that I think I should share my feeling on here as well as responding to them personally in email.  Here goes. Recently, I received this question about chastity devices and cycling I am an avid … More Mailbag

Longing for Locktober

Well, yet another bout with bronchitis has me drained and unable to talk from coughing.  I did go to the doctor and have started the first round of antibiotics (it usually takes 2 rounds).  My ribs and back ache from coughing and I wince from the slightest touch from MrsL….it aggravates me.  But that’s not … More Longing for Locktober

Feeling Unsettled

I wish I could put my finger on exactly what is going on but really can’t!  First, I know part of the issue is I am back out for the first of four straight weeks of travel. Yeah I’m a bit excited about exploring the food scene in and around Toronto. I just really get … More Feeling Unsettled

Safe & Secure Travel

I’m glad to be back out on the road. I was really getting stir crazy between 2.5 weeks of vacation then a week of medical issues. However, the one notable difference… Travel chastity! The EvotionWearables cage is comfortable and fitted fantastically. The final tweak, which took nearly 2 months due to a minor flaw in … More Safe & Secure Travel


The past 18 hours have given me hope! MrsL is slowly but surely reigniting the sparks of our kinky relationship. Sorry to be a tease but I don’t have a lot of time to write…details to follow later!  I am still unlocked due to excessive travel. The EvotionWearables base ring arrived with a gouge in … More Sparks…

Welcome Home

I’ve been traveling now for 5 weeks straight, leaving early Monday and getting home late Friday, and it is starting to wear on me.  I have two more weeks of this, at a minimum, due to a major issue in one of our Baltimore facilities.  It is quite possible I will be up there all … More Welcome Home

Soreness & Swelling

I am not sure what happened this week but I had to FaceTime with MrsL last night and request to remove the EvotionWearables cage. There was some swelling and soreness in the piercing and in the balls. I had some swelling and tenderness around the scar tissue from the vasectomy over the weekend but thought … More Soreness & Swelling


This will not be the full review but I thought it would be good to give a little update on my first few days in the new cage. I had originally posted these as polymer but it is 3D printed nylon. You can get the full description at their website. I am going to be … More EvotionWearables