What A Weekend

So, after numerous drafts of 2,000 plus words that always felt overbearing and I didn’t even like reading them myself I’ve decided to take a minimalist approach. Friday night MrsL wanted to try out the new ED medicine.  I’ll just say this:  she teased and edged me what seemed like forever.  I was so damn … More What A Weekend

Celebrating Part 2

Saturday morning arrived to find both MrsL and I very anxious to start the day.  Her overnight rule of absolutely no touching was a challenge for me; however, I made it through the night without issue.  I did wake up once when I felt something on my calf.  It was her foot caressing my leg.  … More Celebrating Part 2

Emptying the tank

Even though I was not feeling well yesterday, I always make a point to give MrsL the best wake up calls.  One of the benefits of working from home when not traveling and having a boss who doesn’t micro manage, I can take breaks when needed.  Waking up MrsL is always a great break after … More Emptying the tank