I am not sure if the performance issues will go away for good; however, last night I felt like a 20 something all over again….without a shot, without Cialis, or without Viagra. MrsL came to be around 1 after watching a couple of episodes of Big Little Lies with 26.  We had all watched Fences, … More YES

The Awakening

MrsL has been extremely horny as of late.  It is as if there has been an awakening inside her soul to the point where she craves intimacy and sex all of the time.  Of course, what makes it all the more special for me is being locked in her Steelheart! So, the “hands off” until … More The Awakening

My Body Rebels

So, after 12 straight days of the Steelheart and EvotionWearables cages (18 out of the last 21) my body rebelled yesterday. To be fair, there had been a hell of a lot of teasing and CBT over the weekend that might have contributed as well (safe CBT as MrsL doesn’t like being too rough). In … More My Body Rebels

Safe & Secure Travel

I’m glad to be back out on the road. I was really getting stir crazy between 2.5 weeks of vacation then a week of medical issues. However, the one notable difference… Travel chastity! The EvotionWearables cage is comfortable and fitted fantastically. The final tweak, which took nearly 2 months due to a minor flaw in … More Safe & Secure Travel

Feeling better…

Last night’s return home to my own bed and the wonderful MrsL was invigoratingly awesome. I left her Monday morning after being diagnosed with a UTI and a kidney infection. Of course, the antibiotics for the infections caused her to develop a yeast infection so she was just not feeling sexy, erotic, or horny before … More Feeling better…

The Ragged Edge

Being willing to give up control of my sexual gratification to my wonderful MrsL as well as being disciplined enough to not masturbate when she leaves me out of the Steelheart for extended periods of time is rewarding…in an unusual way.  I mean, if all things were equal I would prefer to have my time … More The Ragged Edge

Locked & Happy

I took the 5:10 flight this morning and couldn’t wait to get home.  Last night, while sitting at the bar talking to MrsL, she kept telling me how she was glad I was coming home early and to wake her up as soon as I got home. When I joked about waking her up when … More Locked & Happy


The past 18 hours have given me hope! MrsL is slowly but surely reigniting the sparks of our kinky relationship. Sorry to be a tease but I don’t have a lot of time to write…details to follow later!  I am still unlocked due to excessive travel. The EvotionWearables base ring arrived with a gouge in … More Sparks…