Being Generous

MrsL has continued her generous streak. Yesterday morning, I let her sleep but placed a note and her cellphone by the bed (she keeps her phone downstairs). The note simply stated to let me know if she wanted anything when she woke up.  It had been a long week visiting 29 and fiancee, 24, and … More Being Generous

Morning Play

There is nothing quite so glorious as morning sex! As we snuggled in bed this morning after watching all 18 innings of Game 3 of the World Series, MrsL was curled up on my chest playing with my chest hair (which if I had my way would be waxed away but she likes it) when … More Morning Play

Last Night

Last night was absolutely amazing! I say that a lot on here…but…it is true! I have a major “honey do” list to get done today for the wonderful, sexy, and thoroughly curvaceous MrsL; however, I thought a little teasing of my own was in order.  Let’s just say an early afternoon text to “shower and … More Last Night