If I let you…

MrsL was in a particularly playful and quite teasing mood last night when she crawled in to bed. By the time we curled up to go to sleep a new dynamic emerged. First she laid down beside me propped up on an elbow looking at me with that playful yet intimidating grin. Without saying a … More If I let you…

The Long Journey

I haven’t written in a while for various reasons.  Work got really busy even though I am not traveling.  One or both of the boys have been under foot for one reason or another.  In the case of 21 it is simply scheduled breaks in the semester.  Call me old and senile but I don’t … More The Long Journey

Peaks and Valleys

As I was finishing up yesterday’s post I was struggling with a mash up of feelings after a conversation MrsL and I had after a beautiful intimate morning.  Spoiler alert…everything between us is still great.  We just had an open honest conversation about chastity…again. I told her Saturday night I was going to let her … More Peaks and Valleys

A new beginning

Hello my name is (insert 25’s name here) and I am a drug addict. I have done some very difficult things in my life: putting MrsL and 25 on a plane from Germany to the US 1 month after he was born and getting on a military transport two days later headed for Desert Shield/Storm, … More A new beginning