Quickie Update

Back in MrsL’s Steelheart ūüėÄ! Had a fantastic conversation when I got home Thursday afternoon resulting in being locked up yesterday morning after a night of pure unfettered sexual joy for her and I both. I don’t think I have ever maintained an erection for as long as I did, unaided by anything, Thursday night. … More Quickie Update

Life Rolls On

It has been quite a while since my last detailed post.¬† We have been busy dealing with several issues as well as trying to reestablish our kinky lifestyle.¬† None of it has been particularly easy. First, a complete update on 26’s status.¬† Last November, at the 2 year point of his 4 year revocation of … More Life Rolls On

That look

There was a brief window yesterday afternoon for full on CFNM glory around the house when I got back from visiting one of our factories about 2 hours away.¬† It resulted in a new level of confidence and teasing in MrsL…producing an absolutely fantastic and empowering look from her! So, the day started early for … More That look

Last night

MrsL went back to Tennessee for the long holiday weekend.¬† Her Mom had asked her to come in at the request of a second cousin.¬† The reason for the request was both powerful and emotional. The cousin was the last in a long chronology of women in the family in possession of an heirloom diamond … More Last night

Changes…Good or Bad

I’ve been mulling this post over for a few days.¬† I started and trashed at least three versions of this post and finally decided to just go with a stream of consciousness post this morning.¬† Forgive me if this rambles a bit. The issues that were causing the “performance issues” appear to have been identified … More Changes…Good or Bad