Viva Las Vegas

I brought MrsL to Vegas to see one of her teen heartthrobs, Donny Osmond, for her birthday. Due to travel and mild abrasion, I have been out of the Steelheart for almost a month. When we finally got to our room at 12:30 last night (another post for another day), I waalked right in and … More Viva Las Vegas

Birthday…the finale

Let’s see…where did I leave off….oh yeah… After the cleansing, MrsL selected the Doc Johnson plug handed it to me and grinned as she walked out. It had been a month or so since our last trip down the back road so I worked it in slowly. Once in place I went downstairs…it was still … More Birthday…the finale

Oh Hell No…

As I walked in the house the other morning it was eerily quiet.  The alarm was not on but MrsL was not downstairs.  I was perplexed.  I walked upstairs but saw no signs of her being up or even awake.  I had considered calling her when I got to my car but decided against it … More Oh Hell No…

Great birthday

My boss sent me home early this week so I could spend it with my family. Since it’s just MrsL and me in the house it was perfect! I don’t have time for details…sorry…and promise a full accounting sometime this weekend…but yesterday was awesome! Here are a few themes:  Got home to find her waiting … More Great birthday