A Perfect 48 Hours

The last 48 hours at home with MrsL locked in her Steelheart before embarking on this trip Paris were fucking brilliant culminating in one of the hottest teasing and denial sessions I can ever remember.

It started Thursday night when I was unlocked for my nightly supervised cleaning.  We both like the nightly cleaning for many reasons but that is a topic for yet another post.  As she was unlocking her Steelheart she hinted that she might want to play with her cock after it was clean.  I quickly cleaned myself and the base ring, I’m not allowed to take that off just the tube, then cleaned the tube and walked out to the bed having left the cylinder lock and tube on the vanity in the bathroom.  MrsL, who had been chatting with her sisters via text, turned to see the unlocked clean cock and got that WTF do you think you are doing look on her face.

“Why are you not back in my Steelheart?”

I stammered and stuttered through a weak explanation…

“UUUUHHHH, you said you wanted to play with your clean cock, Princess….”

“I said that?  Are you sure?  I might want to play with my clean cock INSIDE my Steelheart. Now go get it back on!”

It was a bit difficult and required a cold washcloth to calm things down enough to stuff the meat back in the tube.  Afterwards, she had me straddle her on the bed up on all fours and began playing with my nipples.  Of course, playing means torturing! She would arch up and latch her teeth onto a nipple and slowly drag them off as she lay back down taking care to release her bite at the right moment.  The Steelheart was exquisitely throttling the erection thus pulling my balls away from my body.

When she told me not to break eye contact as she began pinching a nipple in each hand, MrsL began talking:

“Is it possible that you can have an orgasm while in the Steelheart?  I know you could in the silicone…let’s see.  If you close your eyes or break eye contact the game is over.”

Wiggling around a bit, she was able to get the Steelheart encased erection between her thighs then began increasing the intensity of her pinch.  Here’s the thing, when she does this she only gets the very tip of the nipple.  Holy Vice Grip Hands!!!  Anytime she felt the cock twinge against her thighs she would pinch and pull harder while squeezing the balls between her thighs.

“Oh, you still have to tell me when you are getting close…DO NOT have an orgasm without permission.”

It didn’t take long before I was uttering that damnable word CLOSE.  I only said it once and she immediately stopped, reached up to give me a kiss, invoked Sweet Dreams, then pushed me over to my side of the bed, rolled over and pulled the covers up to her neck.  It took a few minutes for the trapped erection to subside and I had three more strong enough to wake me up during the night.

All day Friday, I was having a huge internal debate.  My heart knew and wanted nothing more than to remain in the Steelheart until the very last minute Saturday before leaving.  My head wanted to be unlocked for a good night’s sleep and the off chance that MrsL would want her cock inside her.  When it came time to be unlocked for the nightly cleaning; once again, MrsL was playful.

Cupping my balls in her hand as she put the key in the lock she said:

“Wow, you are going to feel naked all next week, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am.  This is the longest time I’ve been in your Steelheart in a long time.”

“Well, you have one more night and just so we are clear even if I want to play tonight you go back in my Steelheart when clean.”  She pulled the cylinder out of its place and removed the tube then walked out of the bathroom.

The entire time I was cleaning that internal debate kept raging.  My brain kept yelling just ask her…just ask….come on…just ask her!  My heart was calm and resolved knowing my place.  As soon as all was clean and dry, I stuffed the cock back in the tube and slid the cylinder back in its home then walked out and let MrsL lock me up.  When she put the key on her nightstand and lay back on the bed with that you are mine look on her face the Steelheart was instantly put into action.

Earlier in the day, she had cut my hair and finally convinced me to leave my hair a little bit longer on top because “I like being able to grab a handful and direct where I want you on my body.”  It didn’t hurt that while she was getting her clippers out she casually mentioned that if I didn’t agree I might actually have to go through the body scanner at the airport with an emergency key sealed in an envelope and keep the Steelheart on while I was traveling.

For the next hour, she took full advantage of the longer hair.  She would pull me up for a long hot wet kiss then move my mouth tantalizingly close to an erect nipple before pushing me down on that breast.  At one point, she told me to just keep my tongue out and she swirled the exposed tongue around one nipple across her chest then swirl around the other nipple.  Finally, when she was ready she told me to keep kissing her body as she directed my face to her pussy.  She kept a hand in my hair then wrapped her legs around my neck keeping my tongue where she wanted it and began riding my tongue.   Her first orgasm came almost immediately.  As she came down from that orgasm she released my hair/head and through panting breaths told me to keep going until she said stop.

For me, this was the culmination of twelve days back in the Steelheart.  I had dutifully ignored the voice in my head saying ask to be unlocked.  She had taken full control of my body to use for her pleasure.  During the entire time she was using my body, I didn’t have the first thought of anything but her pleasure.  I lost myself in pleasuring HER!

When we finally curled up in bed together, MrsL was laying on my chest holding her steel encased cock in her hand.

I woke up half an hour before my alarm Saturday.  I stress out about being early to the airport and never sleep good the night before.  I let MrsL sleep while I went down for a cup of coffee and to put the new story I had written on her laptop.  I also placed her handwritten notes all over the tree for her to find. I went back up and found her glorious naked body half uncovered.  I swear she does this on purpose because it drives me crazy.

I traced a finger gently on the bottom of her foot, up the bag of her leg, over her ass then up her back. She began squirming and vocalizing her sultry ooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs.

“Come back to bed with me.”   I didn’t need a second invitation.

“Take off my Steelheart before you do.”

I almost couldn’t get the ring off.  Once again, she ordered me to straddle her on all fours.  She ran her fingers all over my body carefully and strategically just missing touching the hard cock or balls at first before cupping and massaging the balls for a few minutes.  When she finally gripped the cock I nearly collapsed on top of her.   She stroked me a few times then with her other hand pulled my ear down to her mouth.

“I want this” she squeezed the cock harder “inside me now.”

I was buried inside her almost as she finished her demand and just lay there luxuriating in the warm velvety wetness.

“You have one minute to cum….60, 59, 58…..”

At first I had to process what I was hearing then my mind went blank and I started thrusting hard inside her.  When she jumped directly from 30 to 10 and fired her vaginal wall muscles I growled.  Just as that knowing twinge in my groin started growing into a full throttled race to an orgasm MrsL quickened her pace:  5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

“STOP.  Oh how close!”

My head was swimming and all I could think of at that moment was wanting to give her an orgasm so I pulled the twitching cock out of her pussy and began begging to be allowed to lick her.  She agreed almost instantly.  We had this wonderful weird mangle of arms and legs dancing around on the bed until I was kneeling on the floor in that perfect position.  I planted my face on her wetness and began lapping and licking at her like a madman.  That is when she sprung the other trap.

“No orgasms for me, either.  Just lick me for a minute.”


After a few licks and nibbles around her clit she deftly pushed me away with a foot.  In the past, I would have resisted and pushed back and forced my will on her because I wanted her to have an orgasm.  After the past two weeks, I listened to my wonderful Key Holders orders and followed them.  She wanted both of us hot and horny for the six nights we are going to be apart and boy did it work on me.

So, from yesterday through Thursday night, I am back to my commitment to Devotional Sex and have no idea what comes next other than whatever it is it will be what She wants!

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