The Streak Ended

Our weekend was awesome.

MrsL got home later than she expected Friday.  There was a minor issue with her Dad Friday morning…a cap on his front tooth came off over night and after trying to buy some dental repair stuff at CVS she decided to call his dentist office.  His dentist didn’t call back until 11 a.m.  When her Dad found out his dentist wasn’t going to come by until Sunday, since he was out of town, he shooed her out the door.

Oh, I promised a summary of why she was back in Tennessee…so here is the Reader’s Digest version: her Dad is an 83 y/o man’s man, hip surgery 10/29, recovering nicely, 3 weeks post surgery went to Y, 10 minutes on elliptical, blood pressure tanked, fell into another elliptical, fractured a vertebrae/tore neck ligaments, 6 hour surgery, steel rod in neck/ligaments repaired, moved to inpatient rehab facility, recovering nicely to be released soon.

Since she got home later than expected and had to prepare for a sales show on Saturday morning, things were remarkably hectic before bedtime and sweet cuddly sexy once we climbed into bed.  She invoked “sweet dreams” so we just spooned together and fell asleep after several minutes of hot passionate kisses.

I spent some time fighting traffic and shoppers Saturday while MrsL did her sales event.  She was exhausted and napped on the couch for about an hour after getting home.  When she woke up, during the SEC championship game, ready for her massage I was more than ready having gone upstairs to set up the table while she napped.  I took her by the hand and led her up to our room, lit up only by the candles I had sitting around the room (yeah I know…never leave unattended candles in a room).  I helped her undress then up on the table.  I stripped down to nothing but her Steelheart then began.

Sensual light touches down her back began the massage.  It actually caused her to shiver and goosebumps appear on her entire body.  It was cute and funny at once.  I had purchased a sample pack of massage oil, vanilla/chai scented, at the local Adam & Eve on the way home from shopping and had warmed it up in a cup of warm water.  Oiling up my hands, I stood at the head of the table while I worked down her back ending up caressing her ass with each down stroke.  Her soothing aaahhs made the cock surge in MrsL’s Steelheart.  It remained full for the entire 45 minute massage.  Of course, the massage was not only relaxing for her but sensual.  Before massaging her breast and pussy, I paused lingering until she nodded her approval for the touch. It ended with the first of several orgasms for her that evening.

When I finished her massage she was on her back so she let her legs drop off either side opening up her crotch.  We had already discussed what was to be included in her special evening so I had all of the needed shaving accouterments readily available.  After the honor of shaving her, I was ordered to go draw a bubble bath then go make dinner while she relaxed in the tub.  That was, for me, one of the best parts of the night.  The manner in which she gave the instructions was both dismissive and erotic.

I put on my pajamas after getting her all set in the tub then went down and started dinner.  When she came down in one of her cute comfortable cotton pajama sets sans underwear my heart skipped a beat.  I served her dinner, cleaned the kitchen, then we sat and got caught up on The Masked Singer (okay it is a guilty pleasure show for me).  Once we were caught up on the show she sent me to get the envelope with the emergency key then unlocked me with a specific set of instructions:

  1. do not take off the base ring
  2. clean my cock and the tube
  3. put tube back on, put the lock in the cylinder, lay down on the bed, then text me

I scampered off and followed her instructions to the letter.  When she came up and took the lock out of the cylinder then looked at me and smiled, the game was afoot.  She told me to take her pillow and prop myself up so I could watch her enjoy playing with HER cock.  She nibbled, stroked, sucked, tapped, squeezed, and tongued HER cock and balls for a long time. She took me to the edge at least a dozen times and with the base ring still on I never lost the erection which she thoroughly enjoyed.  She even commented that when she was ready to have HER cock inside her again she wanted the base ring in place so she could feel the blood pulsing inside her pussy the way she felt it against her tongue.  Damn!!!

When she was finished playing she went in the bathroom, turned on the cold water, and soaked a washcloth.  She came back out and draped that cold cloth on my balls and around the still somewhat erect cock.  The cold cloth didn’t take long to work it’s magic.  Once soft enough, she did something she rarely does.  She put the Steelheart tube back on herself.  Locking it back in place, she beamed with evil pride.  She lay down then pulled me over on top of her:  “make me cum and don’t stop until I say but first kiss me.”

The hot sensual kissing was glorious. I kissed and caressed her everywhere except those areas waiting for her to take my hand(s) where she wanted them.  At one point she whispered coconut oil in my ear between sighs.  I reached over the the night stand fumbling to quickly open the jar to bury my fingers inside.  Once sufficiently oiled up, I began working my fingers on her swollen labia.  She arched up at the touch.  Letting her hand find my hair she  pulled my mouth down to the nearest nipple as I began massaging her labia.  I varied the stroking intensity and only circled around the one spot she so desperately wanted touched.  I remained ever so careful to avoid touching her clit until just….the….right moment.  She is hard to bring to an orgasm with my fingers but not then.  As she came down from that orgasm she pointed to the floor and wheeled around placing her coconut oil slicked pussy at the edge of the bed.

I buried my face and did what I do best…use my tongue and lips to get her off.  The Steelheart was biting hard at this point but I didn’t care.  I was where I was supposed to be: on my knees pleasuring my Wife/Keyholder with as many orgasms as she wanted.

When she finally pleased and motioned me back on the bed, I was high on erotic energy.  MrsL curled up on my chest and cupped the entrapped balls and dozed off to sleep.  I lay there until she turned over then put on my CPAP mask and curled up behind her.  It took a few more minutes for me to unwind but I eventually drifted off myself.

Sunday morning came and I was was very horny.  As she woke up from the finger I was gently tracing circles in the small of her back with, she just purred.  We cuddled up and just laid there intertwined for a long time waking up.  There was some pillow talk that lead me to ask the dumbest question I could have ever asked:  “So, are you going to let me go four for four?”

At first she had a crazy perplexed look on her face which morphed into her laughing hilariously.

“No, you are not getting unlocked let along an orgasm any time soon.  The last three Sundays were enough for awhile.”

She kissed me then got out of bed.  Thus our day began and the three week streak of Sunday orgasms ended.

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