The New Play Space, Finale

Erotic fiction.  Enjoy.

Becca kicked off her high heels then began to settle into the oversized bean bag.  It seemed to wrap itself around her as she wriggled into a comfortable position.  She reached over to a small table she had pulled beside the bean bag to pick up jar of coconut oil.  She had found that coconut oil was by far the best lubricant for her toys plus she knew Adam loved the taste of it mingled with her own sexual juices. She giggled knowing Adam might not get that chance tonight…or he might.  She hadn’t really decided. She dug her fingers into the jar and locked eyes with Adam.

Adam was struggling with the maintaining the proper balance. He knew it was going to be difficult; especially, when he saw Becca getting comfortable in her bean bag.  When she pulled her coconut slickened fingers out of the jar and locked eyes with him, he forgot for that split second about the rope attached to his wrist restraints and let his arms droop ever so slightly.  The anal hook lifted him up creating tugging on his balls and he didn’t care. As he watched Becca’s fingers trace down her body to her already wet pussy, he was lost in desire for his Wife!

Becca took two fingers and split them around her clitoris, being careful not to touch that hot little button, then began slowly stroking up and down her labia with the two fingers.  It sent shudders through her body.  She closed her eyes and luxuriated in that feeling.  She had purposely not touched herself the entire time Adam had been out of town and was so ready for a release.  After several minutes of just two fingers, she added a third finger taking the middle finger and separating her lips and inserting it as she stroked with the first and third finger.  She let out a short moan.

Adam was fixated on Becca’s fingers.  Watching her pleasure herself drove him to absolute carnal animalism.  When she let her middle finger slide inside her, the moan she let out vibrated in his body.  Or maybe it was just the anal hook continuing to press up against his prostate while his balls were aching from the humbler being forced down.  He gathered his thoughts and forced his arms back up relieving that pressure.  He was determined to stay focused on his Princess.

Becca was now clawing up her pussy with her fingers.  The two outer fingers were trailing up and down her labia as her middle finger flicked inside her pussy.  When her hand reached the top of her snatch, she kept her two outer fingers massaging rapidly while swirling the middle finger around her now visibly engorged clitoris.  She kept up this pace all the while relaxing back into the bean bag.  Arching up into her hand, she began to purr loudly before letting out a long soulful moan.  Her orgasm was strong and roared through her body.  She slowed down the movement of her fingers then took a deep breath to center herself.  It was now time to spring her trap.

Adam was fighting fatigue in his arms.  Trying to stay focused on Becca’s beautiful masturbation routine was difficult because his arms were tired and when they drooped for a little reprieve from the burning he knew his balls would be punished.  When Becca reached the zenith of her orgasm, his arms fell further than they had all night lifting him completely up on his toes.  His balls felt like they were being stretched down to his knees.  As Becca settled from her glory, Adam forced his arms back up relieving all of the tension and letting his heels rest just above the floor.  The only tension was in his arms.

Bringing herself back to the room, she reached over to the table with her free hand and picked up a remote then looked back over at Adam.

When he saw she had picked up a remote he knew things were about to get very interesting.

“Now we are even.  Let’s see just how long you can hold off with that cock sleeve vibrating on my cock.  If you cum, AGAIN, before I do you will be in my Steelheart for a long, long time.”

Becca turned on the Hitachi attached to his cock then picked up her Hitachi and turned it on.  Placing the bulb of the vibrator down on her perineum felt incredible.  She kept the vibrations low to begin while she worked it inside her just enough to moisten with her cum and coconut oil.  Settling into a slow rhythm, she began grinding against the bulb.  She then locked eyes with Adam again and turned up the vibrations on his Hitachi, smiling wickedly.

Adam felt the Hitachi buzz to life.  The cock sleeve was gently hugging his still hard cock.  Becca insisting on him taking a Viagra for the evening was certainly working.  He tried to relax and focus his attention on Becca and her vibrator.  However, deep down he knew Becca would get what she wanted which was him losing control and having an orgasm long before she did.  When the vibrations began increasing his eyes widened and his arms and the little nerve endings in his groin both began twitching.  When Becca smiled at him with her wicked little smile the game was already over!

Becca let Adam’s vibrator stay on the medium pulse mode while she ramped hers up to high.  She was continuing to grind against the head of the vibrator moving it up onto her clit and letting it sit there for seconds before again beginning to slide it up and down her now gleaming pussy. She wanted to win this game but was feeling incredible with the second orgasm already building.  She was so horny that the second orgasm betrayed her and roared through her body before she could even think about taking the vibrator off of her.

Looking up at Adam, she was surprised to see that he hadn’t cum yet then shut off the vibrator attached to his cock.  She laughed as his arms dropped pulling him up on his toes again.

“It looks like you won…but I still want to see you dance a little.  Show me your best moves, please.”

She worked her way up out of the bean bag then went to stand beside Adam.  She took the cock sleeve off and tossed the Hitachi on the bean bag.  She then ran fingers down his arms causing them to twitch violently making him dance.  She didn’t keep this up for long because she wanted to reward him maintaining control.  She carefully released the rope from the humbler, removed it.  Next, she removed the ankle cuffs then kissed up his right leg all the way to his wrist and released the rope before kissing across his shoulders to release the second rope before lovingly sliding the anal hook out of his ass.  She was prepared for him to need support and was pleasantly surprised when Adam nestled onto her shoulders in a big hug.

Adam patiently waited as he was systematically released from the rack.  As he collapsed on Becca’s shoulders she began gently caressing his back and whispered in his ear.

“You were such a good boy just now that you have earned a big reward.  I am going to fuck you dry.  You don’t have to tell me your close, you don’t have to strain to keep from cumming, you can cum as many times as your body will let you tonight.  Is that Viagra still working?”

Becca led him to the back of the playroom where she had dozens of pillows and blankets tossed out on the floor.  She laid him down then kissed down his body to his semi erect cock taking it in her mouth.  After sucking him hard, she kissed back up his body placing her wet pussy over the throbbing cock then slid down on it.  She rode him hard and fast.  The next orgasm was powerful.  Becca crawled off of him spun around and placed her pussy over Adam’s mouth.

“Oh, for every orgasm you have…you will lick me clean making sure I have at least one orgasm. Then we will start all over again.  Now get busy, I want to see just how many times I can make you cum.”

When Becca finally had her fifth orgasm, she curled up on Adam’s chest complimenting him on his Viagra induced stamina.

Adam was exhausted and didn’t think he could cum again tonight.  He hadn’t had six orgasms in the past year now to have six in one night was draining but rewarding.  Licking his cum out of Becca to a matching orgasm was blissful but if she wanted more he would try as hard as he could even though his cock was beginning to be too sensitive to the touch.  He let out a large sigh when Becca curled up on his chest.

“You can stay unlocked the rest of the night.  Who knows, I may want more and you may want more.  Either way, when we wake up tomorrow you go back in my Steelheart.  Good night, my love.”

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