Something New & Exciting

MrsL and I use Snapchat for fun sexy texting. I think they call that sexting? Well, tonight we used it for something a bit more interesting!

We were actually talking on the phone when I mentioned I was heading up to go through my nightly cleaning routine for the Steelheart. She asked me the craziest question:

“Can’t we video chat on Snapchat?”

When I said yes she told me to video call her when I got upstairs because she wanted to supervise me.

So, we had our first video snapchat call while I cleaned the Steelheart. The really awesome part…she was sitting watching her Mom decorate her Christmas tree with the volume down on the call…just watching! A couple of times she laid her phone on her chest because, as I found out afterwards, her Mom was walking toward her to get some more decorations.

It was the most thrilling thing we have done and probably the closest she has ever come to letting someone other than herself see me in her Steelheart! Another new chapter has been written in our kinky story!

Now off to sleep. Goodnight!

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