Edged While Driving

MrsL and I took off to Charleston late yesterday afternoon to spend the rest of the week with our boys and future daughter-in-law. It is a three to four hour drive depending on traffic. It turned out to be an awesome drive. She gave me a little hint about her intentions before we got in the car when she instructed me to be commando and wearing shorts. 😈

Once we hit I-26 south the sun had finally disappeared. I sensed MrsL was feeling frisky when she put her phone down and rotated in her seat to face me. It started with her simply playing with my hair.

Being just thirty-three hours removed from a mind blowing orgasm, I didn’t really expect a lot of reaction from my body. Boy was I wrong! Her playfulness sent energy pulsing through me like a raging river.

“Remember to stay focused on the road, my dear.”

Playing with my hair lead to playing with me ears. How or why my ears have become erogenous for me I will never know but MrsL loves that they are very damn sensitive. I mean within a few seconds of her stroking either ear her cock begins getting stiff.

After the admonition to stay focused on the road there were no words spoken; unless, you count my whimpering and moaning words. I LOVE the fact that she now knows how my body reacts as it begins to build toward an orgasm. Last night confirmed that fact more than ever.

After playing with my ears for several miles she turned her attention to the obvious bulge outlined within the soft bamboo shorts.

She began by massaging the erection through the shorts taking great pleasure in the tease. Even in the dark, I could see her out of the corner of my eye and the devilish smile on her face turned me on even more.

Next, she focused on the piercing. She is not a fan of having the curved barbell inside her; however, she knows just how to play with it while I have it in to bring me to the brink in short order. Plus, this let her ensure that all of that leaky pre cum stayed on her fingers and went right to my mouth.

At one point, she looked out of the back of the car and giggled. She paused long enough to wrangle my shorts down enough to expose my entire crotch then reached up and clicked on the interior light illuminating the entire car. About that time, a jeep pulled up along side our car. I glanced over to see a 20 something guy in the passenger seat looking down in to our car. MrsL’s car is a Kia so just about every vehicle passing us can see inside; especially at night with the cabin light on!

I don’t know what he saw or didn’t see but his buddy stayed right along side us for a few minutes until traffic started backing up behind both of us and MrsL turned off the light. The driver sped off in front of us and thankfully took the next off ramp.

While the jeep was beside us, MrsL never looked over. She just continued playing with her hard cock. It was exhilarating. She’s teased and edged me before while driving, both day and night and I’m don’t doubt we’ve been seen before. This time I know we were seen!

The edging continued for most of the rest of the drive, about an hour and a half. She would take a break to check her phone pausing just long enough for the erection to begin to subside then put her phone down and begin all over again. I can’t remember ever being that damn desperate to cum. It didn’t help that every time she felt pre cum oozing on to her fingers she had me suck them clean, either!

When we finally hit the lighted section of highway on the outskirts of Charleston, MrsL leaned over, kissed my cheek, then help me wrangle my shorts back in place.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, my dear?”

How lucky and a guy be?

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