Two for Two…With Something Extra

There is nothing like waking up in bed with your awesome Wife on a lazy Sunday morning.  The warmth of her soft velvety naked skin touching mine sent a surge of blood rushing to her still uncaged cock. She was still lightly asleep so what’s a guy to do?

Snuggling up on her chest, head resting between her breast, I let my fingers begin exploring her body with a feather light touch.  She began stirring!  I swirled a finger around the edges of the aerola making sure to never touch the now fully engorged nipple eliciting a beautiful soulful moan from her confirming she was awake.  Her fingers found my exposed ear, which has become a trigger area for me as of late, allowing her to start driving me wild tracing her finger along the ridge of the ear down to the lobe then inside the ear.  I sort of growled and gasped at the same time earning a cute sexy giggle from my Princess.

My teasing of her nipple must have been driving her crazy because she went from playing with my ear to taking a handful of hair before pulling my mouth just above the nipple I had been teasing.

“Do you want that?”

“Yes, Princess, Pleasssseeeee.”

She forcefully buried my face on that breast, moaned, and arched her crotch into the knee I had strategically placed between her legs, which I discovered she LOVES.  She will spend lots of time grinding against my knee before letting me finish her with my tongue.

As I was licking, sucking, and gently chewing on the nipple and breast:

“If you convince me that you really want to be allowed inside me…I might just let you.”

There was a long pause as she held my head in place and continued grinding against my knee.

“If I allow you the honor of fucking me right now….you will not stop until you cum deep inside me!”

With that she release my head and I guess I begged, whined, and groveled enough because she let a hand slide down my body, gripped the engorged shaft of her cock, and directed the tip right to the part of her pussy.  Between the grinding against my knee, the directed attention on her breast, and her sexy instructions, I was able to slide balls deep in her as she was extremely wet!

I knew I had permission to have an orgasm; however, I still wanted this as long as possible so I started a nice slow gentle rhythm.   I didn’t take into account that MrL. might want something a little more.

“When I give you permission to FUCK me….I want it hard and fast.”  NOTE: she doesn’t use that work very often so when she emphasized it in that moment it just made me that much more horny!

What was a gentle slow me wanting to make love to her became a hard driving pounding with her demanding more with every thrust.  She began caressing her breast then clamped down on her own nipples letting out a loud moan that became a command…


The visual of her pinching her nipples as hard as she did was as stunning as the demand of wanting it harder.  I am amazed I did not cum just from that visual/audible combination but I didn’t and was greeted with yet another demand of “HARDER”!

As I felt that familiar tingling in my groin, I locked eyes with my Princess and the inner animal in me let loose.   Several more hard deep thrust inside her had me howling as the orgasm erupted through my balls coursing burst after burst of cum.  I can’t recall the last time I pulsed that many times during an orgasm.

Then IT happened…..

“Keep going…..” she growled…. “KEEP GOING!”

Her deep guttural insistence that I keep going drove me crazy and as sensitive as I was I kept pounding her as hard as I could.  The sensations were almost too much for me but I knew what was happening.

MrsL was arching into me as I was driving deep into her.  She was still working her nipples and firing her vaginal muscles gripping and releasing the cock.  I had buried my head in her shoulder but looked up just in time to see her eyes roll as she screamed.

Her orgasm came from the depths of her soul.  It was beautiful and overpowering so much so that I had a second orgasm as well.

We lay there for a few seconds recovering before her next nearly breathless request.

“I want to have another orgasm while you clean me up….”

So, what’s a guy to do….well…make your Princess happy by willingly following her orders.

I moved so I was kneeling on the floor and she kept her legs together as she slid to the edge keeping that salty sweet treat from oozing completely out.  I was in heaven lapping up every last drop…even spreading her lips open and burying my tongue deep inside her to ensure she was clean.  Once I knew I had her clean I focused on her still swollen clit.  A few swirls, licks, and flicks found her arching up against my face before letting out yet another glorious scream as she wrapped her legs around my head.

When she finally released her legs I felt her fingers trying to grab a handful of hair so I moved up enough so she could.  I was pulled up beside her and we lay there and both started giggling like little kids.  That was a perfect ending to a very hot sexy session of sex.

That is only the third time I have ever been able to make her orgasm during vaginal sex.  She knew what she wanted and needed to get there and I am glad I was able to give it to her.  Who knows when, or if, it will ever happen again.

Such a great way to start a Sunday.

Oh, and here is a little tease…I finally felt like writing again and a new story is forthcoming.  Stay tuned….!

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