The New Play Space pt 1

Erotic fiction.  

Sitting in the terminal waiting for the short flight home Adam was lost in his own thoughts.  It had been a month since anything kinky had happened with him and Becca; primarily, because work had kept him on the road the entire month.

When they left the beach after spending a weekend with Dane for their first cuckolding tryst, Becca was glowing with sexual confidence and in possession of two sets of chastity keys.  Dane was a fantastic choice for both of them.  When he presented Becca with a second set of Steelheart keys she gladly accepted and secured them in place before he left the hotel.  Luckily, Dane lived six hours away and Becca had been focused on a new project at home the entire month, so Adam knew she had not seen him either.

The only positive coming from their weekend was Becca now insisted he carry her Steelheart with him and once through security lock it on and send her a Snapchat once it was locked in place and the key was once again secured in a sealed envelope.

Becca was at home putting the final touches on her latest home improvement.  Adam was told not to worry about the upgrade and to stay out of the room until SHE took him in.  It was a work in progress but she was pleased enough that she was going to surprise Adam tonight when he got home and introduce him to her new playroom.

Adam was browsing through his kinky Twitter account when a Snapchat notification popped up.  Opening the message his mood and cock surged.  Well as least his mood surged because the Steelheart throttled the cock, as it always does.  The image on his phone was a selfie of Becca standing in front of the door of her secretive project.  A second message popped in with the following instructions:

You are not to reply to this message.  Simply text me when you get in the car and head home.  I want you to think about nothing else except these instructions all the way home.  When you walk in from the garage you are to remove your clothes, take off my Steelheart, put on the collar hanging on the pantry door, take the little blue pill on the shelf, and then blindfold yourself.  Once you have completed these tasks knock on the door and wait

It took every ounce of control to not send Becca a Snapchat, but he didn’t.  The 90-minute flight felt like 9 hours and after sending Becca a text when he got in his car the 30-minute drive home was interminably lengthened by two accidents, taking almost an hour.  Pulling in the driveway, he was so amped up he had to sit there for a few seconds taking deep calming breaths and clenching every muscle in his body to keep from having an unauthorized orgasm in Becca’s Steelheart.

Becca was getting out of the shower when Adam’s text popped up on her phone.  She started putting this plan in motion on the drive home from the beach and was more then ready for the night.  After reading Fifty Shades of Grey for a third time she knew she wanted her own red room, complete with a rack that she was certain would drive Adam wild.

She slipped on a soft red silk crotchless teddy, red silk ruffled ankle socks, and red 3” high heels.  Adam had talked about this fantasy outfit numerous times and it was her intention to turn his fantasy to reality.  After walking out to the family room and pouring herself a glass of wine, she lounged on the sofa until she heard the knock on the door.  She hadn’t realized just how horny she was until feeling a slight wetness running down her leg.

KNOCK KNOCK!  Becca took a drink of her wine and smiled.

Adam was standing there blindfolded anxiously listening for the slightest hint that Becca was near.

He had struggled mightily to get the base ring off because he was so damn horny.  He had even walked back out to the garage to get something cold from the freezer to calm down the erection enough to finally get it off.  After securing the collar and blindfold in place he reached out and knocked three times.  He was teetering on the verge of losing control and had to take several deep breaths to regain that composure.

Becca confidently strode across the porcelain floor ensuring Adam would hear her approach.  She grabbed the leash from the counter beside the pantry door then took a long deep centering breath before opening the door.

Adam felt the rush of air past by him when the door opened and gasped trying not to show too much excitement knowing his hard cock would show the truth.

Becca was glad she had Adam blindfold himself because she didn’t want him to see her reaction to him standing there.  Her eyes widened, her heart raced, and her faced flushed.  She was going to enjoy this more than she ever imagined.

Becca walked up and traced a finger the length of Adam’s pulsing cock lingering at the tip glistening with precum.  She made sure to collect as much as possible on her finger before leaning in and whispering in his ear: “Open up, my knight.”

After Adam greedily sucked her finger clean, Becca latched the leash on the O-ring on the collar and started walking.  When she got to the door of the red room, she stopped turning to face Adam.

“For the remainder of this evening you are only to speak when spoken to, understand?”

“Yes, Princess.”

Becca wheeled around flung the door open the led Adam into her new play space.

When they had the house built, this room had been designated to be an entertainment room with 10-foot ceilings and theater style seating for 24 people.  Those plans had not materialized, and it had become a storage room so turning it into her red room was easy.

The center piece of the room was her rack:  a steel frame box like structure eight feet tall by 8 feet wide by eight feet across.  It easily fit inside this room. It had numerous eye bolts and anchor points which she fully intended to learn how to maximize. The owner’s manual came with instructions for a few different positions to secure your subject and she had picked out the one she wanted.  She had purchased different colors of basic cotton rope and had cut them into varying lengths and had them hanging on hooks on the outside of the frame.  She had also purchased an anal hook and had dug the humbler out of their toy closet.  Everything was ready.

Becca led Adam to the center of the rack, instructed him to stand still, and locked wrist and ankle cuffs on him.  She picked up the anal hook with a twenty-foot length of rope larks head knotted through the eyelet, lubed it up, then walked behind Adam.

Adam’s mind was racing through so many different scenes and scenarios.  He had written Becca many erotic stories that started just like this and he didn’t know which one she was going to play out for him.  Little did he know that Becca had only decided to go along with the outfit he had written about.  Little did he know that he was about to experience something completely new.  Little did he know Becca fully intended to fully assert her newly found sexual confidence.  All he knew, or at least thought he knew, was he was ready to be her willing plaything.

When the large ball of the anal hook popped inside his ass and he felt the gentle pulling upward, everything he had thought was going to happen left his mind.

Stay tuned…..

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