So Much for NOvember….

MrsL is not one to go along with the crowd; especially, when she really wants something.  As much as I wanted to make it through NOvember, and the remainder of 2019 for that matter, without an orgasm; MrsL woke up horny and feisty yesterday.

I woke up early, as usual, and went downstairs for an hour so she could continue sleeping.  When I crawled back in bed beside her and began gently caressing her beautiful naked body she rolled over and pounced on me.  As my hand found its way below her waist I was absolutely amazed that her pussy was already wet.  I tapped my fingers on her swollen labia before letting one…then two….then a third slip inside her body.  She arched into my hand while grabbing a handful of my hair to direct my mouth to the closest engorged nipple.  She held me there for several minutes humping into my hand as my tongue and teeth playfully worked that wonderfully fat nipple.

“I want my hard cock inside me right now” she growled in my ear and I was happy to give her what she wanted.  Right as the tip of the cock split her pussy she sprung her control trap.

“You will listen to my directions and only move when and how I tell you.  I want it slow and intimate right now….begin.”

Slowly, I slid all the way inside her…lingering for a few seconds…then pulled out almost to the point return then settled into a slow intimate pace.   MrsL closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feel of her cock inside her.  When she started describing feeling the pulsing veins of her cock I nearly lost it and had to stop for a second which earned me a raking of her nails up my rib cage.

“I didn’t say you could stop….but since you did…stay right there.”

As I lay there, cock buried deep in MrsL’s pussy, she began flexing her vaginal muscles as if she was going to milk an orgasm from me.  When she reached up and latched on to the closest nipple with her teeth coordinating that with clamping her vaginal wall around the cock I almost shot my load.  A muffled “not yet” was all I needed to hear to gain my focus.

She tenderized one nipple all the while giving muffled directions:

“In…and hold”

More nipple chewing

“Out…” the first time she said this she was brutally explicit about what would happen if I pulled out all of the way.  I didn’t break that rule because I had no desire to receive 50 swats with the riding crop after she was finished.

This went on for several minutes before she focused her attention the other nipple until she knew I was about to explode.

“Now, fuck me…..hard and fast.  Edge yourself for your Princess….YOU ARE  NOT ALLOWED TO CUM INSIDE ME….go.”

I had no idea she was going to continue gripping and releasing the cock with her pussy.  It was overwhelmingly erotic.  When I would reach the point of a tantric release, which she enjoys because the waves of energy course through my body releasing the sexual tension through powerful shudders, causing me to pause for a few seconds she would count down:


I think I went to that precipice four or five times.  As I was rapidly approaching the edge of glory, my breath quickening….my legs stiffening….growling loudly so as not to lose control, my Wonderful Princess brought her mouth to my right ear….

“Don’t stop my love…I need to feel you bursting inside me….”

She lay back and focused her energy as my pace quickened.  I shut my eyes, increased my pace ensuring I drove her cock deep inside her.  My growl became a guttural howl as the waves of the pent up orgasm began erupting inside her.  I have never been one to keep thrusting through an orgasm but this time I couldn’t stop.  It was as powerful an orgasm as I can ever remember.  When I finally drove deep inside her, MrsL began describing what she was feeling: the thickness of the cock getting thicker with each explosion of cum inside her, the balls rubbing against her body as they forced cum out of my body into hers…it was maddening.

The euphoria of the orgasm wasn’t allowed to linger.  She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me off the bed as she swung her legs around to hang over the bed.

“Now, it’s my turn.  Clean up your mess and make me cum.”

I took a moment to marvel at the amount of cum slowly dribbling down her still swollen lips.  The view of my cum sliding down her velvety engorged labia was equally matched by the wonderful aroma of co-mingled sexual fluids:  musky and sweet and salty.  I stuck out my tongue making it as wide and flat as possible before placing it on her rosebud the cupped up the edges as I began licking up the length of her sex capturing as much of that wonderful fluid as possible.  I gently parted her labia with my fingers to find a pool of cum waiting for my consumption.  As I lapped up my reward, I made sure each pass crossed her clitoris. It wasn’t long before she had her first of five rapid fire orgasms.

MrsL pulled me up on the bed beside her when she was finally sated.  We lay there naked, silently,  legs intertwined for a few minutes simply basking in the glow of what had happened. We got up, showered, and went to the Southern Christmas show.  It was a great morning.

There is NOT ONE way to do chastity.  Our way is geared more toward Devotional Sex with brief stints of enforced chastity.  She explores and expands her sexual control in her own way.  I accept her control as it keeps me humble, horny, and COMPLETE!

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