LOCKtober started

As I have written about here many times, MrsL prefers more of a Devotional Sex (make sure you have a great malware software when visiting that site…it is not secure) lifestyle for us.  Her sexual awakening comes with an absolute love for playing with the penis.  Most of the time, she would rather not be bothered with having to unlock the Steelheart to have what SHE wants.  This was the case even though after the last orgasm over 20 days ago just before we went back to see my Dad she whispered in my ear I would be locked up as soon as we got back…which was September 28th.  When we got home, she informed me I would not be locked up just yet…as she had a special day planned.

Additionally, when we got home from that trip, there was a small box waiting with her name on it from an address I didn’t recognize and the return name was very nondescript.  When I inquired about the contents she informed me that was part of the special day.

Needless to say, with each passing day of October I was getting anxious and downright aggravated. Well, all of that ended Friday night.

I am a guy. I don’t keep up with dates all that well other than her birthday and our anniversary.  I was on edge all day Friday.  It was a slow work day and I spent more than a few minutes scrolling through my Twitter feed reading about all of the fun, angst, and sexual frustration that is LOCKtober.  At dinner, MrsL called me on my attitude and behavior then ordered me upstairs to our room to be waiting on her naked on our bed.  I sulked off and did what she asked.

She was only a few minutes behind me and immediately had me firmly stretched out and restrained on the bed (we keep the cuffs and straps under the mattress) fully exposed to whatever her heart desired.

“Do you know what today is?” she asked as she started fondling the rapidly stiffening penis.

My mind began racing….not a birthday for anyone….not anyone’s anniversary….I couldn’t think of anything.

“You really don’t remember what OCTOBER 11th is?” MrsL licked up the length of the shaft then swallowed the penis down to the balls making it even more difficult to think. I lay there in all out panic trying to grasp a whisp of a memory that would help…then it hit me.

“Our first date….we went out on our first date today….” I blurted out

She flicked her tongue back and forth as she pulled the penis out of her mouth then crawled up so she was looking me eye to eye.

“Yes, my love…our first date. I’ve been planning on this night since we got back from Tennessee.”  She got up and went to my right ankle and started toying with the cotton anklets we bought in Maui.

“Tonight, after I tease and edge you until you are begging me to stop, these are being replaced by a more permanent display of my LOVE….an Eternity Collars ankle chain.”

My heart raced.  I have been showing her that website for over a year in hopes she would choose something from there.  I am not big on having things on my wrist and love having something on my ankle so she ordered a black titanium anklet.

“After I am done playing with MY COCK and locking it away in MY Steelheart, I am going to lock MY chain on your ankle that way whether the Steelheart is on or not…you will have MY chain around your ankle all the time.”  With that the edging began.

She was true to her word. I lost count of how many times she took me right up to the precipice of an orgasm only to jerk me back to reality by stopping ALL stimulation.  It was frustratingly glorious!  Even though she prefers I put on the Steelheart and let her lock it…she actually put it on me herself…which was even more of an adrenaline rush for me.  Then the moment of truth…the Eternity Collars chain.  This is when HER frustration happened.

When she opened the box, she immediately sighed and uttered a few choice words.  Somehow, even though she ordered the XL (and I still to this day have no idea when/how she measured my ankle but I still fall asleep in my recliner some nights and that is a hard fast sleep) they had sent the SMALL chain.  She released all of the cuffs and crawled up beside me on the bed.

“Well, I guess the anklet ceremony will have to wait until we can exchange this for the right size. For now, my Steelheart will have to do for LOCKtober.  I LOVE YOU, my knight.”

We cuddled and kissed and explored each other’s bodies for a long time before I curled up on her chest.  I fell asleep as she played with my hair.  Eventually, she woke me up, because I am sure I started snoring, and I rolled over to put on my CPAP mask.  She was asleep before I cuddled back up to her.

The wrong sized anklet went back in the mail with a return authorization yesterday and I can’t wait for the correct size anklet to get here.  Even though it is getting cooler we still have a lot of shorts and sweatshirt weather remaining.  I can’t wait to be out and about with her black titanium Eternity Collar anklet locked on my right ankle! As soon as it is locked on, I will definitely be posting pictures!

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