An End and Beginning

The string of orgasms granted by MrsL has officially ended.  Sunday morning sex is awesome and even though I was completely drained from multiple orgasms every day for a week, I enjoyed this one.  I sensed it might be my last even though she didn’t say anything until last night.  Thus, an ending.

Last night she came to bed horny as ever…which has been awesome…and wanted me inside her again.  Glorious!!

In between the several seconds of hard pounding her pussy…she kept telling me she wanted it harder…when we both needed a quick break she began:

“Better enjoy this feeling….now a little harder….”

Once I was almost ready to explode after several seconds of intense penetration I would pull out…

“Sunday was the last orgasm you will have this year…no more orgasms for you until sometime in 2020….now HARDER…”

It is a good thing we are empty nesters as the headboard was banging against the wall. When I had to pause to prevent that unauthorized orgasm…

“Enjoy being inside me because when we get back from Tennessee this weekend….LOCKTOBER begins….now EVEN HARDER….but don’t you dare have an orgasm.”  (NOTE: we are going to see my Dad this week and deal with his 2nd wife. Family drama never ends….more to come on this front.)

Her hands slid up my ribs until her fingers found my nipples.  She clamped down on each nipple and the harder I pounded her the harder she pinched with her fingers and squeezed the penis with her vaginal muscles.  I only managed a few deep hard strokes before I had to pull out of her collapsing beside her. She lay there for a few seconds before finding my hair and directing my mouth to her wet dripping pussy.  She held me in place for a few minutes while she aggressively thrust up and down my chin then released my hair and lay back to allow me to finish her off.  She roared through 4 orgasms with each release producing louder moans of enjoyment.

After the last one, I crawled back in bed beside her only to be greeted with “Sweet Dreams my love….”

Thus a new beginning….of time without an orgasm.

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