Orgasms as Discipline

So, a funny thing happened the last night in Las Vegas and continues through the writing of this post.  The irony is that someone retweeted this LINK today and while I was reading the article I am now curious…but I really know the answer is no…does MrsL have a Tumblr account and is following that blog?  I edited this opening paragraph as I wanted to include the link.

What happened?

Well, on our last night MrsL was horny.  She had her fun with surprising me with the Steelheart, teasing me with her feet with nipples clamped, then finally casually talking loud enough for others to hear about me being her “locked up” husband while standing in line at The Wynn buffet earlier that day.  So when she straddled my body, started nibbling on my nipples while playing with the rapidly stiffening cock, and telling me how horny she was and that she wanted to THANK ME for a great weekend, I knew I was in for a great time and assumed a full orgasm was in my immediate future.

She toyed and teased me with her mouth and hands for several minutes, even using precum as lube to stroke me with her breast (damn that was a sexy view).  When she was ready, she move the already hyper sensitive head to her soaking wet labia and easily slid all the way down on the shaft.  She sat there for a few moments wiggling and flexing her vaginal wall muscles all the while kneading my nipples between her thumbs.  When she slowly started riding the cock I was extremely close to losing control.  She could sense it from how I tensed up and tried to control my breathing.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” hissed past her lips as she increased from a slow ride to an all out bucking up and down.

Between short labored breaths, I gave her the required alrt that I was on the verge of losing complete control.  “OHHHHH……SOOOOO……CLOSE……” and she stopped with the cock buried fully inside her.

I tensed every muscle in my body focusing on my groin but it was too late.  Even as I started cramping in my legs from clenching every muscle….a ruined orgasm happened.  The sly look on her face didn’t foretell what would happen next.

“Did you just have a spoiled (that is what MrsL calls them) inside me?”

“Yes, Princess….sorry…I thought….”

She rolled over onto her back as the cock quickly deflated.

“Get down there and clean me up, NOW.  Don’t even think that you get to give me an orgasm either!”

As I cleaned her up, this statement rocked my world:  “Since you had an orgasm without my permission…it must mean that you want more?”  As I finished and sat up on my knees and she sat on the bed she lifted my eyes to hers with a finger under my chin; continuing,

“Your punishment for having that spoiled orgasm is, at least, one orgasm a day every day until I am satisfied you have had enough. We need some sleep.”

She rolled over away from me and curled up in her ‘go to sleep’ position invoking the ‘sweet dreams’ rule.  I tossed and turn the remainder of the 5 hours of sleep we had until we needed to get ready for our flight.

Since then, I have had more orgasms in a week than I have had over the past year .  So far, the only day that I have not had three orgasms has been yesterday (only 2 yesterday) because I had to go do an investigation at the local distribution facility.  I am sore. I am definitely NOT horny and I miss that feeling.  She has already taken two from me today.  Each orgasm has resulted in smaller amounts of cum but every last drop has been consumed by me.  She doesn’t even have to say anything now…I simply know what I have to do.  I am not sure how many more I have in me right now!

The pattern has been very consistent, I am allowed to cum inside her when I wake her up, she uses either her hands or mouth after dinner until I cum, then she rides me to one more orgasm before we go to sleep.  What is really the most frustrating is she is not allowing me to give her an orgasm when I clean her pussy.  I am not even allowed to let me tongue get near her clit!  NOW, the upside is that with each passing night she is getting closer to her own orgasm while riding the cock.  I am amazed I am able to stay hard for as long as it is taking to force an orgasm from me but she is enjoying it immensely.

I think this may be over soon as last night she complained that my ears aren’t sensitive any more nor am I getting that surge of energy coursing through body when she runs her fingers over my bare skin.

So, does she have a Tumblr and following Practical FLR?  Probably not.  It is fun to think she is for now.  However, what is even more exciting for me is that she is continuing to develop her own way of controlling me and I LOVE IT!!!  Is it making me more submissive….ABSOLUTELY!

9 thoughts on “Orgasms as Discipline

    1. The odd part, I didn’t see it as humiliating. Plus the way she was choosing her words and phrasing could have been interpreted in so many ways. I knew what she was saying…to the people around us…who knows what they were thinking. 😀

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  1. Using orgasms to retrain submission sounds like a great idea, until you are the subject!
    Once again I think of the saying “be careful what you wish for” as I wish this was my discipline.

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