It’s Her Birthday…

…so she does what she wants! This happened when we got back to the room after a couple of hours gambling. She asked if I knew the odds on receiving an orgasm…? I can tell you this…the HOUSE won!

So, why am I out of her Steelheart? She told me this morning that while she likes me in her Steelheart she LOVES me penetreating her and denying my orgasms. Plus, she got more than she more than she expected when she saw the look on my face when I opened the suitcase and saw the tube for the Steelheart.

This morning was awesome. The video above was awesome. And now, we are off for her actual birthday night…to see Donny and Marie.

4 thoughts on “It’s Her Birthday…

  1. am I the only one who watched the video and thought: Who held the camera? What angle/position is Mrs L in to rub her foot that way? Nevertheless, very enjoyable, even for me. Thanks for sharing such a special moment.
    ..and belated Happy Birthday wishes to MrsL, a woman I admire very much for finding her sexual confidence.

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