Viva Las Vegas

I brought MrsL to Vegas to see one of her teen heartthrobs, Donny Osmond, for her birthday. Due to travel and mild abrasion, I have been out of the Steelheart for almost a month.

When we finally got to our room at 12:30 last night (another post for another day), I waalked right in and was sort of decompressing and I noticed MrsL had stopped moving and had that “WTF do you think you are doing” look on her face. I immediately knew what was wrong and stripped out of my clothes only to be rewarded with a few smacks of my ass as a reminder. We then set about unpacking and boy was I surprised.

I opened my suitcase and there sat the tube of the Steelheart. I immediately started getting hard eliciting a laugh from my Awesome Wife. I must have also had a very astonished look on my face as she held up the base ring from her luggage.

“You had to know I was going to bring my Steelheart out here…after all this is MY Weekend.”

I was rock hard at this point

She dug into her purse producing the lock and key then sent me off to the bathroom to “calm down and get it on.”

After unpacking, she was hungry…and I don’t mean for food. Even though we were both exhausted passion took over. After several minutes of intense kissing and exploring each other’s bodies, she grabbed a handful of hair and directed me to her freshly shaved pussy! After five massive orgasms she pulled me back up on the bed, kissed me once more, then curled up to go to sleep. The Steelheart was still brutally throttling all attempts at erection and I was REVELING in that feeling.

As she drifted off to sleep she reminded me that this was her weekend and HER cock would be locked the entire time. I’m one lucky guy!

Oh, after a lengthy discussion recently, she set a goal for me of 100 days without an orgasm which will be a record. Today marks the halfway point. I’ve gone 90 days before but she thought triple digits would be a good thing. Hopefully travel will be minimal during #locktober?

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