My Inner Geek

Sitting here locked in MrsL’ Steelheart watching her sleep is so beautifully erotic, sexy, and just downright fun. However, it also gives me a chance to get caught up on some email.

If I haven’t mentioned it here before, I am a HUGE Fantasy Fiction fan. I’ve been reading FF since I was old enough to read. From The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring as a young boy, I was hooked.

Over the years I have read many hundreds of FF series most notably The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Wheel of Time, and yes even most of the Harry Potter books even though I wished I had read them before the movies. I am attempting to read A Song of Ice & Fire now but am having the same difficulty with seeing the HBO scenes as I read. Alas, what’s a guy to do?

Well, I have been geeking out over the casting and initial work for the upcoming Amazon Prime adaptation of The Wheel of Time. I just saw a first photo of the core cast and it looks great. There has even been a fellow FF fan composer who had written and recorded his own thoughts on what the theme should be: WoT. Granted it is unofficial at this point but it is as beautiful, rich, and dark as the books.

I may even start reading the entire series again just to get ready for next year. Yes, I’m a geek…loud and proud!

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