Before Work

When MrsL left for her team meeting yesterday afternoon, I was taking a little nap to make sure I didn’t fall asleep during the 4 hour video conference with Australia.  When I woke up, I found a note waiting on me by my phone.

When I get home from my meeting, I want the X restraint on the closet door and you attached to it as best you can.  I will text you when I am leaving my meeting.  Make sure my toy boxes are both unlocked. See you soon!!!

So, what’s a guy to do…exactly what he is instructed.

I dug out the X restraint system placing it on our closet door then patiently waited for my phone to chirp with instructions.

I’m leaving now.  Make sure to blindfold and gag yourself.  Be ready when I get there…we don’t have much time before you have to go to work!!!

Since I am not allowed clothing right now, it didn’t take long for me to have both ankles latched in place.  I put the ball gag on then set the blindfold in place.  I had to use my spidey sense of feel to attach one wrist to its anchor leaving the other by my side waiting for my Princess.  I didn’t have to wait long.

Our room is above the garage and the door going up sent my heart racing and the Steelheart rapidly filling.  The alarm being turned off then reset quickened my heart rate to the point I had to force myself to take some deep breaths.  Hearing footsteps on the stairs added another layer of fun.  I honestly thought I heard two different sets of footfalls.  The anticipation was brutal! I mean, one of my many fantasies is MrsL bringing in friend to show off her Steelheart and the two of them having their way with me…..alas….having a friend is still a fantasy.  However, what MrsL did to me was PURE EROTIC BLISS!!

MrsL:  There he is…very good at following instructions.  Oh, let’s get that free arm secure.

My right arm was latched in to place and the fun began.

MrsL:  I hope you don’t mind…I was hungry so I ran through McDonald’s.  I am going to sit here and eat…but first…let’s add some toys to your body.

Something heavy was added to the top of the Steelheart instantly pulling it downward.  I was warned not to let it fall or there would be consequences.  I then heard the tell-tell sound of her little blue clamps opening.  She toyed with each nipple before applying one to each.  She then rattled to bag with the small & medium binder clips before placing a line of them between each blue clamp.  My chest was on fire!

MrsL:  Now I can enjoy the view and eat.  You’re going to enjoy dessert!

I heard her place something in front of me then her sitting down and a bag ruffling.  After taking a couple of bites of her food she reached up and removed the ball gag informing me that she didn’t want to eat in silence.  Carrying on a conversation while trying to let my mind fall into subspace was a delicate balancing act…and I fell short of ever reaching subspace.  When she announced she needed to go get dessert she did so while running her fingers back and forth along the binder clips sending wave a intense heat through the pinched skin.  It was both glorious and painful….just what I like!   The Steelheart felt like it was going to slip off at any moment so I focused on being absolutely still while she was out of the room.

I was left alone with my thoughts for a few minutes before the comforting sounds of footsteps on the stairs sent my heart racing again.   MrsL came back in sitting down in front of me then started removing all of the “attachments” to my body.

First the weight was removed from the Steelheart and to my surprise I heard and felt the key being inserted in to the lock.

MrsL:  I want to see your dance moves…shake my cage off of my cock while I watch.”

There was this beautifully delicious internal discussion in my head about just how aggressively to try and shake off the Steelheart.  The horny side of me was screaming: shake, shake, shake….while the pain avoidance side was screaming: easy, easy, easy.  With every move, the blue clamps bounced up and down sending shock waves through the fault line of binder clamps.  The horny side won out.  MrsL laughed joyously watching.  Moment later, and I don’t know when or how she got this must have been when she got the dessert, a warm cloth was cleaning off the rapidly stiffening cock.  MrsL barely got the base ring off!  She then skillfully and deftly removed the jewelry from the PA.

MrsL:  I hope you don’t mind a little sensation play?

As the words passed her lips, an amazingly cold, wet, sticky substance engulfed the now raging hard on.  The well known scent of McDonald’s caramel drifted up to my nose. She began licking up the shaft before taking me fully in her mouth to enjoy her dessert.  Occasionally, she would stand up, use a spoon full of ice cream to catch precum the playfully tease me with the spoon before making me eat the ice cream.  Talk about sweet salty goodness.

Before long, the ice cream was finished and MrsL started counting as she removed the binder clips….she got to twelve as the last one came off.  The hard cock was twitching as this happened.  I then got a three count to prepare for the blue clamps coming off.  She reveled in taking her hands to gently knead the nipples back in shape and run a fingernail across the line left from the clips.  As she played, I actually collapsed into wrist cuffs and she laughed.

MrsL:  it is a good thing those wrist cuffs are holding you because what is coming next will have you weak in the knees.

After a brief journey to her night stand, MrsL pulled up a chair and her warm slick hands gripped the shaft of the cock.  The smell of coconut oil consumed me.  NOTE, we have found this to be the best lubricant for hand play.

MrsL:  Just so you don’t have any doubts, YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO HAVE AN ORGASM.  If you do…well…you might just have a hard time sitting for your video conference tonight.

She started with upwards strokes only…then moved to downward strokes…then rapidly pumped the cock…then slowly stroked…she would cup/fondle the balls while circling a thumb over the bottom of the head right over the piercing hole….all the while reminding me she owned my orgasms and daring me to ask her for one…!

I was moaning and whining the entire time.  Just as I was about to utter close she must have felt the twitching at the base of the cock.  With one last pull she stopped and walked away laughing.  I heard the water in the bathroom then her walking back toward me.  She removed the blindfold and gave my eyes time to adjust.  She leaned in like she was going to kiss me and I leaned forward…only to be met with a finger on my chin.

MrsL:  you don’t have time to kiss me…go shower and put back on my Steelheart before you get dressed.

With that, she released my right hand then walked away.

Needless to say, I was very horny and distracted the entire time I was sitting on the video conference.


2 thoughts on “Before Work

  1. I love and admire your wife! So confident how she handles you and enjoys. Inventive. Knows excactly which of your buttons to push. You’re a very lucky man!

    Liked by 1 person

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