New Rules

Same as the old rules…with a few minor tweaks.

Knowing that MrsL sometimes doesn’t do well with expressing herself coupled with the gnawing voice in my head needing clarity on the rules for reinvigorating our Wife Led Marriage dynamic, I decided to prompt the conversation last night.

After Suits went off, I sat down on the floor in front of her recliner and began massaging her feet.

Me: I was going to write these in a letter to you but actually talking them through would be very beneficial to us both.

MrsL: Okay

Me: I really need clarity on some rules…how about we have a little Q&A?

MrsL: Sure

We had a nice long conversation leading to these foundational rules:

  1. Her control of my orgasms is ABSOLUTE. I am not allowed an orgasm unless expressly given permission to have one. Even though she has become very astute at sensing how close I am to an orgasm, I must still alert her when I am getting close. If she wants me to have an orgasm I cannot refuse. (I have been refusing lately for my own selfish reasons). Any unauthorized orgasms will result in punishment of HER choice.
  2. Whenever I am gifted an orgasm I WILL consume my cum and if I hesitate MrsL will enforce this rule. (I was hesitating expecting her to enforce the rule and she saw my hesitation as not really wanting to do it. See what happens when you talk!)
  3. Until further notice, the Steelheart is to stay on at all times; except when traveling. When I return home, it will be locked back in place. MrsL will remove it at her pleasure when she wants her cock then immediately lock it back in place. NOTE: she told me to find a suitable travel device until we can afford a trip to Montreal to visit SteelWerks Extreme. I am reviewing all options again.
  4. Nightly, MrsL will unlock the Steelheart so I can ensure it is clean and dry. She will continue to observe this activity until she decides to stop. Once she trust I will not abuse the privilege, she will give me the freedom to remove, clean, and relock the Steelheart. (Even with a pretty solid cleaning protocol in place in the past, I have never really felt like I was getting inside the tube completely dry. I used a hair dryer to help but still never felt dry. )
  5. Until further notice, I do not have clothing privileges in the house when we are alone. I am to stop in the pantry, remove all clothing, neatly fold clothing, then enter the house.
  6. Domestic Discipline will be enforced immediately upon any transgression when at home. If we are in a public place, I will be discreetly informed of any transgression and will be punished immediately upon arrival back home. (I never liked having a dedicated discipline night)
  7. All previous household chore rules are immediately back in play. These are my responsibility and I cannot complain (politely ask her to go sit down and relax) when/IF she decides to help me with these.
    1. Laundry – if is it washed/dryed…it must be folded/hung up/put away immediately. Leaving laundry in the dryer is a serious offense.
    2. Cooking/Kitchen – we both love to cook and use cleaning the kitchen as quality conversation time. However, MrsL is free to direct me to take care of both of these at any time.
    3. Make the bed – this goes without saying.
  8. Unless directed otherwise, I am still free to touch her in any manner I wish. If she does not want said touching I will be informed and must immediately stop all touching. (This applies to sexual touching…hugs, holding hands, playing with her hair, foot massages, etc. are all exempt from this rule.)

This is the basic framework. We committed to reviewing them monthly to adjust/add/remove any we feel aren’t working.

The evening ended with her teasing me in bed until she was ready for me to satisfy her needs. Between my fingers and tongue she had three strong orgasms before curling up next to me and drifting off to sleep.

I must confess, night three in the Steelheart has always been a hurdle for me and last night was the third night. I was awake almost hourly between 3 and 6 a.m. with a raging trapped erection. Luckily we have the ceiling fan spinning at high and keep our room nice and cold so throwing off the covers and thinking about work usually does the trick to deflate the meat. Hopefully, night four and beyond will become easier.

Oh, and thanks to pcguy over at Thrill of the Chaste, my new best friend is old fashioned lanolin diaper rash ointment. That stuff is awesome. No hot spots…no chafing…complete comfort around the base ring. THANKS for that, pcguy!

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