Midnight Play

After several weeks of travel I finally had a week where MrsL could actually travel with me.  I had to go to Kentucky for the week and our company location was 30 minutes from her parent’s lake house.  It was a great week in many ways.

First, anytime I can have my awesome Wife travel with me for work is a huge plus. The drive over on Sunday was fun, lighthearted, and long!  Unbeknownst to us, a major portion of the interstate outside Knoxville had been shut down to clean up and investigate a traffic fatality overnight.  It seems a driver lost control of his semi, went over an embankment resulting in a loss of life.  The resulting detour through the mountains of east Tennessee was an experience…even for someone who grew up in the mountains of Tennessee.  At one point, Google maps found a couple of side roads named Pig Path Lane and Tractor Alley that shaved 40 minutes off of the detour.  All west bound traffic had been routed on to small two lane country roads so finding these little side roads was brilliant.

Second, the feeling of being close but yet so far from her is energizing.  I was only 30 minutes away from her but it might as well been 3000 miles.  That final day at the facility knowing that I only had a 30 minute drive took forever to finish.

Third, seeing her play Cribbage with her Dad makes me smile.  He is 82 and still very much alive and active.  They went jug fishing for catfish every morning (caught 47 catfish over three days resulting in us coming home with lots of frozen catfish) then would play Cribbage all afternoon.  When I walked in and heard them bantering over their cards, who was winning, etc.  it made my heart happy.

Lastly, the peace and serenity of their lake house is amazing.  I was so relaxed that I was absentmindedly fondling HER cock through my shorts one evening (no her parents weren’t in the room at the time).  She simply placed her hand on mine, which was holding HER cock, and said “I guess you need some time in my Steelheart, huh?”


To be honest, I have been trying to get busted for months.  I have wanted…no needed…to be back in chastity.  I needed it for clarity, for purpose, for focus.  No, there is nothing magical about her locking away her property in the Steelheart. It is as much mental as physical.  No, I have not started masturbating again….okay…once!  I probably should tell MrsL…huh?  The other rule put back in place is loss of clothing privileges in the house.  All I am allowed to wear is her Steelheart and a pair of socks…I have really cold feet.

So, all of that to finally get to the heart of the matter…a little midnight playtime.

It really started at lunch when I got a Snapchat with orders to put her little blue clamps on my nipples and not remove them until she approved.  I set the stopwatch on my phone out of curiosity. Twenty five minutes later I receive instructions to come downstairs.  I am ordered to kneel in front of her and not break eye contact.  The Steelheart is bulging at this point.  Grabbing one clamp in each hand she gets this stern look on her face and begins twisting them. The pain that had dulled instantly roared back to life and multiplied by 1000 percent.

“The next time you lie to me when I have caught you with MY cock in your hand I will keep these on for an hour…understood?”   With each word she increased the twist.

“Yes, Princess.”

With the clamps twisted almost a full 360 degrees she applied upward pressure forcing me to my feet….then toes… before stopping.  After a three count she removed them and started manipulating them back in shape…which if you do nipple play know that is excruciatingly painful.

The rest of the afternoon I was abuzz and horny.  When she came to bed she amped that horniness up again.

I was strapped spread eagle to the bed and blindfolded, “so I can turn on the lights and see what I am doing,” My already sore nipples were gifted with more soreness as she nibbled and chewed and them causing the occasional shriek from me which elicited her cute little evil giggle.  For the next several minutes were glorious.

The Whartonberg (not sure I spelled that correctly) pinwheel was traced over every exposed inch of my body with varying pressures.  When she tired of that play, she positioned herself between my legs and playfully flicked her tongue on the only exposed part of HER cock driving me mad.  She sucked and nibbled on HER balls then brought out the vibrator.  After using it on my sore nipples then my balls she got up on her knees laying her chest on mine.

“To bad you can’t see where I am putting this vibrator…maybe you can enjoy hearing me.”

DAMN!!!  She described every little detail…well…until…she needed to focus.   How she moved the head of the vibrator up and down each side of the pussy lips, how she gently slid the head inside her extremely wet pussy, how…gasping for a few seconds…she found that wonderful little spot that felt ohhhh sooo good.  Then she got quiet!

I could feel and hear her breathing.  Her soft moans grew louder.  Her breathing became more pronounced.  Her gyrating became more evident…then….

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” She lay there on my chest a few moments experiencing the glory of her own orgasm. She has become more comfortable playing with herself but still VERY RARELY brings herself to an orgasm.  Last night was a beautiful experience.

When she began to stir she reached out and released the straps from my hands.  She shimmied down my body stopping briefly to lick the he head of the Steelheart commenting on the amount of precum before releasing my legs.  Ordering me to my knees beside the bed, she leaned over from behind me:  “I want that tongue of yours to satisfy me more….I’ll tell you when to stop.

I was gifted with the honor of licking her to three more orgasms.  Her wetness was intoxicating.  Using a foot to push me away, she turned up straight on the bed then uttered the two words I HATE:  “Sweet Dreams” and curled up  with her pillow.

For those of you new here, Sweet Dreams means NO SEXUAL TOUCHING.  I can be next to her. I can snuggle with her. I can hug her and massage her neck and shoulders.  I just can’t touch any of her erogenous zones:  ears, small of her back, breast, nipples, and of course her pussy until she tells me otherwise. Yes, it is still in effect as I write this 12 hours later.  Her body….HER rules….my body….HER rules.  The way it should be.

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