The Lair…Finale

I hope you enjoy.  You can read the beginning of this story HERE.  NOTE: this is erotic fiction.


I tried to keep up with how many songs played but it was no use.  My mind was busy processing just how glorious it was being completely helpless…living out a fantasy.  The scent and taste of your cum lingered making me crave even more.  I then remember one word:  everyone’s and my heart races and my cock throbs in its cage.

A finger tracing the outline of my ass cheeks jolted me back to reality.  Moments later the music ended, headphones and blindfold removed, and a new voice whispered in my ear.

“Hello, boi!  Dane tells me you are our toy for the day.  He will be join us in a few minutes but for now…you are MINE!”


The sting on my right ass clearly defined the size of his hand.


My left ass cheek receives a hand print.


I began grunting after the second swats earning a hearty laugh from you and more swats.


By this third or fourth swat I am screaming and you are laughing uproariously.

“Boi, you sure can take an ass whooping with my hand. Let’s see how you like a nice stiff leather crop.”

A distinct whoosh was immediately followed with a body shuddering smack of leather on my already tender ass.  The crop is long enough to cover both ass cheeks and you begin in earnest.  Thankfully you do not demand that I count the lashes with the crop because my screams, grunting, and crying would have made it impossible.  As quickly as it began with one single hand slap…it ended.  My ass was throbbing. I was sobbing. A gentle hand reaches up caresses my cheek while the other soothingly caresses my ass.  I feel your breath on my neck then you whisper in my ear:

“That is a good boi. I really appreciate a boi that can take a beating.  Dane is here and the fun is about to really being. Are you ready, boi?”

Through gulps of air I mutter, “Yes, Master.  Thank you for beating me.”

Dane’s voice booms from across the room: “His leash is on the table…bring him over here.”

I feel the leash being attached to my collar then each limb is released from its bindings.  As my arms fall to my side, a subtle but firm jerk of the leash is all the instruction needed to get down on all fours.  I am so grateful for the knee pads and leather mitts covering my hands as the floor is polished concrete…smooth but unforgiving. I am led to the center of the room and placed at Dane’s feet.

“Hello again, boi. I see you have met my alpha sub, Brody…of course…to you, boi, he is Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Brody, why don’t you go and escort our guest here while I get this boi ready for the rest of the day.  Bring back your key…today is not only this boi’s lucky day but yours as well. How long has it been since you I granted you an orgasm?  Don’t speak…just go!”

The leash drops at my side and I see Brody leaving the room. This is the first time seeing him and I am amazed at just how young and physically fit he appears.  His leg muscles are chiseled leading up to a beautiful round ass.  His back is sculpted and forms a perfect V from waist up to broad shoulders.  He turns around at the door to acknowledge Dane and I notice his cock is also locked in a steel tube.  My cock surges as I see this.  I would have never dreamed that having my manhood locked inside a steel cage was this exciting.

A thick finger went under my chin pulling my eyes up to you.  Your nakedness was punctuated with piercings….in both nipples and the head of your cock.  Bringing your pierced cock up to my face with your free hand, I marvel at the sight.  Again the steel ring around my balls and the steel encasing my cock brutally throttle an erection.

“Before you leave today, your wife wants you to have one of these.  Once it heals, this chastity cage will attach to the piercing and she will never have to worry about what you are doing with her cock…”

I swallow hard while taking a deep breath.  You laugh.

“Don’t worry, I’m a professional and you knew this was going to happen.”

“Yes, Master I did…”

You reach down picking up the leash then walk toward a table pulling me up on to the top.  It has a flat surface for my chest and individual trays for each arm and leg.  You remove the leash then attach a short chain to the D-ring on the collar.  As you secure each arm in the tray with wide leather straps you remove the mitt from each hand.  Moving down my body, wide leather belts are placed over my back and secured: one over my shoulders, one over the middle of my back, and one just above the small of my back. The feeling of complete helplessness is overwhelming.

“Can you breath okay, boi?  I would hate to have to tell our friends we had to stop because you can’t breath.”

“Yes, Master, I can breath just fine.”

You move to my legs securing them with one strap each around the thighs to the upper part of the table and one over each calf.  I feel you begin fondling my balls and I let out a huge moan.

“Easy boi…I didn’t give you permission to cum. And know this, if you do cum without permission you will regret it”

A knock comes from the door and you yell out: “Come on in.”

The door opens and I hear a click from below the table then it begins to turn.  It is mounted to a swivel and you are slowly spinning me around to see my next treat.

Standing there are Brody one other young stud equally as gorgeous.  Both of them have steel cages on their cocks.  Brody held a key ring in his hand.

You lean down whispering in my ear:

“My two subs have not had orgasms for 3 months and have been waiting for this day.  You are going to be their sexual relief while I sit and watch.  You WILL swallow every drop of cum you are given…unless one…or both of them…want to fill your ass with cum. Don’t disappoint me or them, boi.  Are we clear?”

I swallow hard: “Yes, Master.”

You move to a leather recliner I saw as you spun me around as your three subs walk toward you.  I hear Brody offer you the keys then one by one they ask: “Master may I please play with your new toy?”  As you unlock their cages you loudly state: You have permission to cum as many times as you want for the remainder of the day.  Seconds later each one walks over and takes a brief shower then approaches the table.

As Brody approaches you call out to him:  “take his cage off so you have full access to his cock and balls”.  I hear Brody catch something then moments later feel his large hands gripping my balls pulling them back enough to insert the key in the lock.  My cock immediately begins to engorge as the cage is removed earning a laugh from Brody and the other man.

Brody walks around in front of me and introduces me to Cody.  All I can see are two clean shaven massively large cocks. Taking a deep breath, I prepare myself mentally for what is about to happen.  In my mind, I keep telling myself:  you asked for this…enjoy. you asked for this…enjoy.

It doesn’t take long for both of them to channel their months of pent up frustration into me.  Cody remains in front of me while Brody moves around to my exposed ass.  I feel a slick substance pouring over my ass followed immediately by a thick finger.

“Cody, let’s do this together…are you ready?  boi…are you ready for what is about to happen?”

“Yes, Master…I am ready.”

Cody offers the tip of his cock, already gleaming with precum, to my mouth as I feel the head of Brody’s cock firmly planted against my hole.  I hear Dane ordering them to be careful and take it slow then both cocks begin entering my body.  I try to pull away from both ends but am completely immobile.  I tell myself to relax so as to please not only Dane, Brody, and Cody but also my wonderful wife.

Cody’s cock touches the back of my throat causing a gag reflex.  As I gag, Brody takes that opportunity to slide the head deeper inside me.  It is impossible to moan as Cody’s cock fills my mouth.  I relax even more allowing Cody to glide his cock down my throat fully and Brody to bury his monster as deep as he can go.

Just as both of them settle into a easy steady rhythm, a knock comes at the door and both freeze with their cocks buried inside me.

“Don’t worry you two, I know who this is…keep playing but don’t cum until our next guess says it is okay.”

As I am being throat and ass fucked, Dane walks over to the door.  As he opens it I hear a familiar voice greeting him….my mind goes wild!  I am strapped to a table being fucked by two hot young studs and my gorgeous wife is walking in the room.

You walk over the the table caress Cody’s back and ass then lean over and kiss my cheek.

“You had to know I was going to show up and watch this happening.  You also had to know, since we have discussed it many many times, I am going to fuck Dane while you are being fucked by his two studs, right?”

Cody pulls his cock out of my mouth long enough for me to say “yes” then drives it back down my throat. I see your dress drop to the floor as Dane takes your hand and walks toward the recliner.  I can’t see what you are doing but you make sure I can hear.

Just as I hear you let out a huge moan then exclaim how big Dane’s cock feels inside you, both studs begin pounding their respective holes.  I feel as if Brody is plunging deep in my gut with his monster cock and my nose is being mashed against Cody’s rock hard body as he buries his cock down my throat.  I can sense both getting close….moments later Brody lunges deeper inside me and screams.  I feel his cock pulse multiple times depositing cum inside me.  As that sensation engulfs me…Cody’s lets out a loud growl, places a hand on either side of my head, buries his cock down my throat, and begins shooting long hot streams of sweet salty cum down my throat.

As if this wasn’t sensory overload, I hear you and Dane both reaching climax together as I struggle to swallow every last drop of Cody’s man juice.  My mind is a fog of pleasure, pain, and confusion.

Silence feels the room.  Both cocks slide from their respective holes and the sensation of warm cum dripping out of my ass enthralls me.  I hear something rolling toward me and a skinny flat table slides right up under my chin…like it was designed to be there.  I feel your hand on my back then you straddle the table placing your dripping pussy at my mouth.  A hand reaches beneath and unhooks the collar from the table giving me enough freedom to lap at your pussy.

“Don’t you waste a drop of that gift, boi” Dane calls out as I diligently struggle to meet that challenge.

You begin grinding into my mouth and cum for a second time.  It is glorious.  After you are satiated and get up, the belts are removed and I am allowed to stand up.  I teeter for a second and you reach out giving me a big hug to steady me.

“Honey, Brody and Cody both still have hard ons….why don’t you take care of them one more time while I shower and get dressed.  Then we will have Dane pierce your cock and go home so you can tell me all about last night.”

I turn to watch you saunter over to the shower.  A soft cushion is thrown at my feet and I kneel down as the two studs approach.  I marvel at both still being hard but gladly reach out taking one in each hand.  Alternating between sucking one while stroking the other I bring them both to their second orgasm in a matter of minutes. Brody reached orgasm first.  The musk on his cock from fucking me was still there as he slid his cock down my throat before pulling out to stroke himself to orgasm.  Again, his cocked pumped out enough cum that I had to struggle to keep up but I did earning me a loving scrub of my hair from him.  Cody was stroking the whole time and as soon as Brody finished, he turned my face to his monster and buried it down my throat.  He muttered something about wanting to feel my throat flex around his cock as he began pumping cum inside me.

Just as Cody was removing his cock from my mouth, I feel you lean against me.

“Come on honey, it’s time.”

Dane had prepared a table and a tray.  You lead me to the table and hold my hand as Dane preps my cock.

“Is 6 gauge a good starting size?” Dane asks and you reply with a gleeful yes.

“You are going to feel a little pressure then a pinch.  DO NOT MOVE.”

I really didn’t feel anything but your playful giggles let me know it was over.

“It is going to bleed like crazy for a while but it will stop.  Here are the instructions for how to care for it.  It will need 6 to 8 weeks to heal fully.  I’ll be glad to inspect it throughout that time.  Once he is healed, I should have his titanium chastity cage ready since I did the measurements last night when he was passed out on the wall over there.  No matter where he travels, his titanium cage will not set off any metal detectors so you can leave him locked as long as you wish.”

You lean down and give me a long passionate kiss.  I begin to feel the pain of the piercing and go to touch the area before being scolded by Dane.  “Leave it alone…go home and follow the instructions.”

Brody appears with my clothes then disappears.  You and Dane exchange quiet words a few feet away and I can make out from you, “no thank you for being willing to let him live out his fantasy…and mine. We will have to do it again sometime.”

With that, you help me finished getting dressed.  As we drive away, you turn to me with a cute sexy evil grin.  I know my life is about to change.  My heart races and my spirit soars.


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