The Lair…Part I


Slowly, I blink my eyes trying to focus on the ticking sound coming from somewhere in the room.  I go to move my hand to my face and am instantly jolted to a stark reality. I frantically look down to find I am strapped to the wall several feet off of the ground!  My gut wrenches in knots when I figure out why there is no pressure, other than that applied by trying to jerk them free, on the bindings around my arms or legs….I am sitting on something small and have something large inserted into my ass anchored to the small seat.  It is then I truly feel the length and girth of the anchor and let out a scream.

“I’m awake….damn it….come back in here…please….!”

The door opens letting in a sliver of light.  I jerk my head around trying to gauge the size of the room and am instantly excited yet terrified of all of the tools, restraints, and various other ‘playroom toys’ you had promised to use on me last night.  That’s when another harsh reality hit:  my cock was locked in something.  I could feel myself wanting to get hard but the more I tried the more whatever you had locked on me throttled that need to get hard.

I then turn toward you and the memories of last night come flooding back.  I was enamored with you from the moment you walked in the bar with that gorgeous grey crew cut hair, chiseled face and boyish smile.  The massive arms ripping through the sleeves of your skin tight shirt that had no chance of hiding those sculpted abs…and…the best part was the obvious clearly defined circumcised cock through the linen slacks you were wearing.  I knew I wanted to experience all you had to offer.  We have been meeting once a week for nearly a month to get to know each other and tonight was the night!

The hour we spent talking over a couple of beers clearly establishing the boundaries of the sexual conquest fantasy I wanted to play out with you was magical.   We both our limits and determined safe words in the event I got uncomfortable.  You even agreed to give my wife your phone number and address with clear instructions that if I didn’t contact her by 9 a.m. Sunday she would be on her way to find out why.  The thank you note you wrote her for letting me live out this fantasy with you was heartfelt, earning her complete confidence since this was her idea after I had confessed my bisexual desires to her.  It was going to be a great weekend.

“Well, that sleeping pill I took did the trick…”

Walking up to me with an evil grin, the top of your 6’4″ head grazing my encased cock, you reach up to cup and play with my balls….”Well, you are awake.  I checked on you all night to make sure you were safe…but now…the fun begins.”

My mind races and I almost blurt out the safe word as you cup and fondle my balls in your hand for a second before beginning to crush them with a vice like grip.  My cock tries desperately to get hard and the pressure is intense.  I begin to moan eliciting a laugh.

“You are going to be fun.  Now, let’s get you down from there…I have so much I want to make you experience.  Oh, just in case you are wondering, your wife reviewed everyone’s test results so there will be no condoms this weekend and you will truly live out your fantasy.”

My heart races and eyes widen obviously, based on your smile, when I hear the word everyone’s.  A rush of fear followed by yet another surge of blood to the trapped cock give away my enthusiasm.

A gentle whir begins overhead.  The mount I am affixed to begins to lower.  I failed to notice you reaching over to pick up a collar.  As my neck comes within reach, you affix the collar.  Just as my toes begin to touch the floor you deftly release my ankles and wrist then step back leaving all my weight pushing down through the dildo.

“What should I call you…let’s see…slave? No, that’s not right you volunteered for this.  Slut…?  Maybe after me and all of my friends have fun with you this weekend we can call you a slut.  Let me think….I know…once I remove all of your body hair…I’ll call you boi.    You, will refer to me or anyone else who is with me as Master. Now, stand up!”

I struggle to get enough momentum to stand up.  The dildo reminds me of its size as I stand up.  I have to get up on my toes to fully remove it my from my ass.   You reach up and affix a leash to the collar.  I am led to the back corner of the room where a stand up shower is located.  A small set of rubber cuffs are placed on my wrist then secured to a D ring above my head inside the shower before my collar is removed.  With electric clippers and a straight razor, you make quick work of removing every last hair on my body from the face down: neck, arms,  underarms, chest, above the chastity device, the balls, both legs, even the hairs on my toes. I am then led out of the shower and forced to lean over a padded saw horse where the hair on my ass was removed, occasionally with you sliding what felt like a thumb in my loose ass.  Remarkably, I didn’t feel or experience any nicks or cuts. I am put back in the shower and hosed down to rinse away any last remnants of hair or shower gel then told to dry off.

When you are satisfied, the collar is replaced, fully enclosed rubber mitts are put over each hand, knee pads are put over both knees, and large leather cuffs are wrapped around each ankle.  Everyone of these came with at least one padlock ensuring they only come off when you want them off.

“Come on boi.  Yeah….I like the sound of that name…don’t you boi?

“Yes, Master I like being your boi.”

You lead me to the center of the room, force me to the floor on all fours, drop leash to the floor, then step back so I can watch.

You rip off your shirt revealing a sleek hairless chest and abs.  Moving your hands down your chest, I watch as you put a thumb inside each side of the waist of your shorts then slowly slide them off exposing your semi hard cock.  I notice drool running down my chin and you laugh and make a comment about really wanting it.

Standing there fully naked not a tan line to be found, you look all of the Alpha Male I fantasized about owning me for years.  You pick up the leash and give it a firm tug putting me in motion crawling to you.  As I reach your feet…

“Worship your Master’s feet, boi.”

I eagerly begin licking one foot then the other.  You even elevate your toes so I can suck and worship them.

“Now, worship my calves….”

I move around behind you and begin to kiss and lap at your glorious calves and make the mistake of moving to the soft area behind your knees earning me a swift yank on the leash.

“I did not give you permission to touch anywhere other than my calves!”

You lead me over near a table. I hear you fumbling with several items before I feel the sting of leather across my ass.  “Count” you demand.

“One, Master. Two, Master…..Twenty, Master.”   My ass is on fire.

“You only do as you are told, boi. Understand?!”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, get back to worshiping my calves.”

After several more minutes of kissing your calves I feel a tug on the leash.  I follow the tug and find myself on my knees within inches of your now hard cock.  I marvel at the bulging veins.  My eyes trace around the head and my mouth again starts watering with drool dripping down my chin.  You are slowly stroking your manhood and I notice the gleam of precum forming on the slit.

“How bad do you want your Master’s cock, boi?  Come on beg for it.”

Please Master, I have dreamed of sucking your gorgeous cock all of my life.  I would be honored to…”

You drop the leash placing my chin in the curve of your hand with your thumb in my mouth.

“Lick that precum..boi.  I need help making your breakfast.”

I stick out my tongue and you continue stroking.  Your precum is sweet and salty.  I want more.
“Please, Master…let your boi show you just how eager he is to make you hap….”

In one sudden thrust, I find myself gagging on your girth.  It is both terrifying and glorious.  You don’t give me the chance to refuse any of its length…firmly holding the back of my head as you slide deeper down my throat.  Muffled screams become audible as you slide out of my mouth.  You settle into a depth and rhythm that allows you to quickly build toward exploding in my mouth.  I relax and try to allow you to bury your thick pulsing manhood as far down my throat as possible.

Your breathing quickens.  The pace of thrusting increases.  I hear your guttural growl begin moments after I feel your cock grow even larger in my mouth then you bury it deeper.  As you roar an Oh MY FUCKING GOD…..the first massive blast of cum shoots down my throat.  You pull back and with one hand force my mouth wide open while vigorously stroking your cock as your balls empty into my mouth.  I gulp as quickly as I can not wanting to disappoint you by wasting the gift of you cum.

“Suck your Master’s cock dry and clean, boi.”

I voraciously lick and suck your cock as it softens.  I am rewarded with one last blast of cum.  A finger under my chin gently guides my eyes to yours.

“You are a fantastic cock sucker, boi.  My buddies are going to love you.  Now, I need breakfast.”

I am lead to the other side of the room and attached to an X cross facing the wall.  A blindfold is put over my eyes and earphones over my ears with playing classic rock n roll.



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