Back to China

Well, the time has again come. My first international project for the year. I am currently enjoying the lounge away from the chaos that is a Monday morning at my home airport. I will not get to my final destination until around 8 p.m. tomorrow night. The good news is the my VA Orthopedic doctor wrote me a letter requesting my company give me a medical exception to the no business class flying. My business approved!! So now I am back to flying business/first on international flights.

I know I teased a story a week back and I hope to finish it on the long haul flight segment. My only concern is getting to WorPress through the Chinese firewall. I know I could from our work facility but really don’t think that is a smart idea…since I investigate other employees who make those types of decisions. Stay tuned, the full story The Lair will be published soon.

Oh, last night MrsL decided I needed some “soreness” to send me off. A few minutes of ball stretching, nipple clamps, and a red ass was her reward. I’ll detail this little session while traveling as well. Needless to say, sitting this morning reminds me that I am HERS!

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