The Lair – Preface

Thought I would give a little teaser to the erotica story I am writing.  Please don’t let the opening paragraph fool you…this entire story is about consensual play!


Slowly, I blink my eyes trying to focus on the ticking sound coming from somewhere in the room.  I go to move my hand to my face and am instantly jolted to a stark reality. I frantically look down to find I am strapped to the wall several feet off of the ground!  My gut wrenches in knots when I figure out why there is no pressure, other than that applied by trying to jerk them free, on the bindings around my arms or legs….I am sitting on something small and have something large inserted into my ass anchored to the small seat.  It is then I truly feel the length and girth of the anchor and let out a scream.

“I’m awake….damn it….come back in here…please….!”

The door opens letting in a sliver of light.  I jerk my head around trying to gauge the size of the room and am instantly excited yet terrified of all of the tools, restraints, and various other ‘playroom toys’ you had promised to use on me last night.  That’s when another harsh reality hit:  my cock was locked in something.  I could feel myself wanting to get hard but the more I tried the more whatever you had locked on me throttled that need to get hard.

I then turn toward you and the memories of last night come flooding back.  I was enamored with you from the moment you walked in the bar with that gorgeous grey crew cut hair, chiseled face and boyish smile.  The massive arms ripping through the sleeves of your skin tight shirt had no chance of hiding the sculpted abs…and…the best part was the obvious clearly defined circumcised cock through the linen slacks you were wearing.  I knew I wanted to experience all you had to offer.  We have been meeting once a week for nearly a month to get to know each other and tonight was the night!

The hour we spent talking over a couple of beers clearly establishing the boundaries of the sexual conquest fantasy I wanted to play out with you was magical.   We both respected each other’s limits and determined safe words in the event I got uncomfortable.  You even agreed to give my wife your phone number and address with clear instructions that if I didn’t contact her by 9 a.m. Sunday she would be on her way to find out why.  The thank you note you wrote her for letting me live out this fantasy with you was heartfelt, earning her complete confidence since this was her idea after I had confessed my bisexual desires to her.  It was going to be a great weekend.

“Well, that sleeping pill I took did the trick…”

Walking up to me with an evil grin, the top of your 6’4″ head grazing my encased cock, you reach up to cup and play with my balls….”Well, you are awake.  I checked on you all night to make sure you were safe…but now…the fun begins.”

Stay tuned for the completion of the story.


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