Still Here

So, it has been over a month since I posted anything to my blog.  Apologies as life just gets in the way sometimes.  Between having to coach 24 and his fiancee on how to create a realistic budget to live on, more on that in a later post, to MrsL’s injury, and getting back on the horse for business travel I haven’t made writing a priority.

MrsL and I have also been ebbing through another not so kinky phase of life after our fantastic week on Maui.  The ebb and flow has really centered around her desire to lock me in the Steelheart because she admitted to me during our anniversary trip that she was really enjoying having my hard cock inside her and wasn’t sure she wanted to deny herself that pleasure.  As I’ve noted many times before, she gets absolutely ZERO satisfaction from a dildo…and yes…we have tried different shapes, sizes (length and girth) over the years; and lest we forget, has absolutely NO DESIRE to explore becoming my vixen.  (I use that term as I have now discovered I could never truly be a cuckold which comes with several negative connotations; however, being a stag to her vixen seems like a better fit). Personally, I have sensed many times while we were having sex that she is figuring out how to put me and the cock in just the right “spot” inside her to maximize her pleasure.  My stamina has improved greatly having figured out “tantric” orgasms but I still can’t last long enough for her to have a full on vaginal stimulation orgasm.

With her desire to have me inside her also came more frequency in her granting me orgasms.  Since Maui, where she basically gave me an orgasm every day, she is averaging granting me an orgasm once a week.  The most recent was this past Saturday evening and why I am back in the Steelheart.

MrsL had spoiled an orgasm on Sunday night April 21st.  It was one of THOSE spoiled orgasms where she took me to the edge a dozen times with her mouth, tongue, even riding me for a few minutes with the break between me letting her know I was close gradually decreasing.  When she finally had me prop up on a pillow then placed herself between my legs and told me I could not close my eyes or look away I realized she was getting serious about teasing me.

We never broke eye contact the entire time, and it really only lasted about 90 seconds, as she masterfully swirled her tongue back and forth on my cock and slowly drew me in and out of her mouth.  I didn’t need to tell her I was close. She could tell from the twitching of the muscles and the look on my face that she was about to push me over the edge.  At the PERFECT time she popped me out of her mouth, nuzzled her chin in against my balls, and giggled as the wave of ecstasy that had been building in my body came crashing down around me.  I growled loudly before starting to whimper pitifully which only made her laugh even harder.  It was the most frustrated I have been in a long long while.  She ran a hand through the cum puddled at the base of my stomach then brought it to my mouth.  Initially I refused but a not so gentle squeeze of the balls by her other hand made her point and I reluctantly opened my mouth to clean my cum from her hand.

Fast forward to Saturday  night.

She came up to bed a few minutes after me and pounced on me like a hungry she wolf.  In no time, she had me hard and guided me inside her wetness.  It was glorious!  We fucked like our lives depended on it with me using the tantric orgasm release several times to try and get her closer.  We rolled through a couple of different positions before finally ending up in our favorite: her on the edge of the bed, legs up around my waist as I stand beside the bed thrusting into her.  She says that feels the best and I have to agree.  One of the things she also likes about this is it gives her the ability to not only see my face but also free and unfettered access to my nipples.

By the time we made it to our favorite position and resuming our fuckfest I had pretty much exhausted all of the tantric orgasms I had available and I KNOW MrsL KNEW that as well.  She locked her legs around my waist, reached up to latch her fingers on each nipple, then started this little chant:  “More….don’t stop….More…..”  with each utterance of ‘more’ she pinched a little harder.  She never actually said YES or NO.  She just kept saying ‘more…don’t stop…more’.  I let loose with one of the strongest and longest lasting orgasms I have had a long time.  Even though it had only been 7 nights since the spoiled orgasm, I had produced a substantive amount of cum.  I could feel it leaking out before I ever moved.

Let me say here: since we have implemented chastity or orgasm denial I can count on one hand the number of times I have physically had that major dopamine drop after an orgasm….present orgasm included.  I CRASHED hard.  Even harder than 7 nights earlier.  I was done!

I pulled out of her and turned toward our bathroom to retrieve a towel.  A gentle: “Where are you going?” came from the bed.  I knew what she was asking but in my head it was a question and not a demand so I muttered something about getting a towel and kept on walking.  When I exited the bathroom, I saw the most perfect creampie ever. My cum has oozed out her gorgeous pussy and was slowly sliding down her ass.  I dream about seeing that and lustfully lapping it up…but…I didn’t  She let me clean the bulk of the cum with the towel and jokingly asked if I needed more pineapple juice in the house (I like the taste of my cum better when I have pineapple juice to drink…weird I know…but it is a preference) and I jokingly said yes.  She allowed me to bring her to two fabulous orgasms we curled up for some awesome cuddling as we fell asleep.

Sunday morning, I could sense her irritation about something and each time I asked I got back the same: ‘nothing is wrong’ response.  As the day progressed, it slowly came to me what was wrong.  We even got into a spat while we were cleaning and reorganizing the boat after getting it back….which has been so unusual for us over the past 4 years.  When we got home around 5 p.m. I knew I needed to make things right so I stopped inside the pantry and stripped out of my clothes.  When she turned and saw what I was doing a wry smile pursed her lips coupled with an order: “Go get my Steelheart and bring it to me.”

Luckily, I had shaved the night before.  She made me stand in front of her and for only the second of third time ever SHE put the Steelheart on me and she wasn’t very gentle about it either.  As she turned the key to secure the lock I held out my hand, as usual, to take the key and return it to its storage space.  She just looked at me and laughed.

“This is MY Key.”

Granted, I’ve never used it without her permission but I’ve never NOT had access to it.  I know that I have a business trip to China in two weeks meaning I will probably be locked up until that time, barring any swelling or inflammation of the vasectomy scar tissue.  Later that night as we lay in bed talking, after the epic Battle of Winterfell episode, she admitted she had been lax in enforcing the consuming my own cum rule and that the next time, whenever that was sometime later this year around my birthday in August, if I hesitated even for a second, she would make me go a full year without an orgasm!!!   Needless to say, I have no intention of testing that threat!

So, here I sit naked except for the Steelheart working from home today.  Maybe, just maybe, our kinky lifestyle has been rebooted?!

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